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Greece is amazing and spacious, with a large number of interesting islands and cities for travelers. To plan a trip to Greece and see more than one destination, we recommend booking domestic flights in Greece – prices are not high, short flight times and high frequencies. In this article you will find a special search engine for comparing domestic airfares in Greece among all airlines and booking airline tickets online, and all the information and tips needed to plan a trip with domestic flights in Greece

Domestic flights in Greece can save you valuable time during a trip to Greece or between the Greek islands, and often money. The large competition between airlines in Greece (and a number of foreign airlines) operating internal flights in Greece makes the prices of flights within Greece particularly attractive, with a wide range of airlines to help you reach almost every tourist destination in Greece easily. Using the search engine below, you can easily find the cheapest prices for domestic flights in Greece and easily compare prices and book your airline tickets online in just minutes.


Internal flights in Greece – Compare prices and book airline tickets

The price comparison engine is simple: the automatic display on this page is of  some of the domestic flights in Greece. If you want to book specific internal flights in Greece – for example, if you want to book a flight from Thessaloniki to Santorini, enter your route at the TO and FROM fields. If you land in Athens (or any other destination in Greece) and have not yet decided which island or city you prefer to fly, you can enter Greece instead of a specific destination and view a variety of offers for a variety of destinations in Greece. The search engine will allow you to sort the results of comparing domestic flights in Greece by The shortest route, the most recommended flight and the cheapest flight, and filter the results by price range and intermediate stops. (preferably use In the airport code so as not to get confused and accidentally choose an airport with a similar name).

If your travel dates are flexible, you can choose a specific date range and view cheap domestic airline tickets in Greece on a variety of dates. The baggage terms will appear to you at the time of booking (before payment), and if sending a suitcase to the trunk is not included in the price, you can choose to add a suitcase at the order stage and receive the total price.

After choosing the most affordable flight deal in Greece, you will go to the booking page where you will be asked to enter your personal details, you can view the baggage allowance (and add paid baggage), add paid insurance, and view the cancellation conditions. You’ll also be asked to enter your credit card details for payment. Remember to carefully check the airport names, dates, times, baggage terms, conditions of change and any important information before booking.

The order confirmation should be received within two hours of placing an order. If you did not receive the order confirmation, check that the email you entered is correct or if the confirmation reached the spam folder in your email. The engine support team for comparing kiwi flight prices can assist you over the phone in any problem.

Booking a taxi from airports in Greece

To save the headache of finding the right taxi rank, train or bus line and to save valuable time and haggling with aggressive Greek taxi drivers, you can book a shuttle that awaits you at the airport and takes you to a destination at a known price. Without a pre-order, you will sometimes run into excessive prices or confusion about your destination and all. “

With the help of KiwiTaxi, a veteran international company that specializes in private transportation, you can place your order online and get a fair and fixed price. This will save you the need for unnecessary bargaining and make your landing softer. The KiwiTaxi booking process is very simple and easy to use

Select the type of vehicle you want and enter your travel information and personal information. The driver will be waiting for you at the airport, and you can chat with any site support staff in any problem.

Booking a private shuttle from Kiwitaxi is also a convenient solution for booking a taxi during your vacation: this way you will know that a driver is waiting to take you from the hotel to your desired destination, whether it is a museum, restaurant or any other attraction.

Domestic flights In Greece from Athens

Greece’s capital is a great starting point for your trip. Apart from a variety of interesting tourist sites, convenient public transport, markets, great restaurants and more, Athens also serves as a base from which you can reach a short flight to almost every destination in Greece where there is an airport.

Athens- Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is the busiest in Greece and is about a half-hour drive from central Athens. Athens Airport consists of two terminals and serves a variety of airlines from around the world and a variety of domestic flights in Greece.

Among the various internal flights in Greece departing from Athens, you can find:

Flights from Athens to Thessaloniki

It operates from Ryanair, Olympic Air and Ellinair airlines, with at least 13 flights a day. The flight time from Athens to Thessaloniki is about 55 minutes. Prices for these flights start from € 23 per round-trip ticket.

Flights to Santorini from Athens

Direct flight from Athens to Santorini is about fifty minutes, and this line delivers over eight domestic flights in Greece a day operated by Ryanair, Olympic Air, Volotea and Sky Express airlines. Prices for flights from Athens to Santorini start from about 22 per person round-trip ticket.

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Flights from Athens to Crete

The direct flight from Athens to Heraklion, one of the three airports in Crete Island, includes about 11 direct flights from Athens to Crete on at least one day, operated by Olympic, Ellinair, Volotea and Sky Express. This is one of the busiest lines of national flights in Greece.

Apart from flights to Heraklion from Athens, you can catch a direct flight from Athens to Chania, another airport in Crete, in just 55 minutes. In this line, Athens – Chania , operates at least four domestic flights in Greece a day. Prices for flights from Athens to Chania start from € 70 per round-trip ticket.

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Flights Inside Greece to Rhodes from Athens

From Athens you can also catch a direct flight to Rhodes . The flight time from Athens to Rhodes is about an hour. This airline has at least four flights a day, and prices start from € 69 per round-trip ticket.

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Flight from Athens to Mykonos

A direct flight to Mykonos from Athens takes off at least twice a day from Athens Airport. The flight time from Athens to Mykonos is about forty minutes, and on this line the airlines Volotea, Olympic and Sky Express compete. Prices start from € 52 for a round-trip ticket.

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Flights to Corfu from Athens

Direct flights to Corfu Island depart from Athens at least three times a day (Sky Express and Olympic Air flights). Flight time from Athens to Corfu is about one hour and five minutes, and the prices of Corfu flight tickets from Athens start from about € 70 per person (round trip).

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Flights Inside Greece to Kos from Athens

The famous island of Kos can also be reached by direct flight from Athens. The flight time from Athens to Kos is about 55 minutes and this line takes at least three domestic flights in Greece each day. Flights to Kos from Athens start at about € 70 per person, to the round trip ticket.

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Flights from Athens to Samos

Samos, a quiet Greek island in the South Aegean Sea, is a 55-minute flight from Athens. Direct flights from Athens to Samos take off at least twice a day. Airline ticket prices from Athens to Samos start from € 98 (round trip ticket)

Apart from the famous destinations, there are several other islands that are a short flight from Athens:

Direct flights to Lesbos Island take off at least four times a day from Athens (55 minutes flight). Prices for flights to Lesbos from Athens start from € 70 per round-trip ticket.

A direct flight from Athens to Kefalonia, for example, will only take about an hour with a line that includes about eight internal flights in Greece per week for the Olympic and Sky Express companies.

In just 40 minutes (on a line that includes about five flights within Greece a week), you can catch a direct flight from Athens to Skiathos, an island with stunning beaches from the Sporadic group.

Domestic flights in Greece from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece. It is an important port city that is considered a cultural capital, easily accessible by internal flight in Greece from a variety of cities.

Thessaloniki Airport is located about 15 km from the center of Thessaloniki. It is one of the most important airports in Greece and serves travelers wishing to visit some other cities and towns.

Most of the flights that arrive at Thessaloniki Airport are seasonal and include a number of flights from Europe along with regular domestic flights in Greece – from a variety of cities.

From Thessaloniki you can fly direct flights to a variety of islands in Greece:

Direct flights from Thessaloniki to Kos, for example, are operated by Astra Airlines twice a week. The flight time from Thessaloniki to Kos is about an hour and a half. Flights to Kos from Thessaloniki start from € 126 per person.

Olympic Air operates seasonal flights from Thessaloniki to Mykonos as well as flights to Santorini from Thessaloniki with a seasonal schedule, mainly during the summer months.

From Thessaloniki to Crete you can easily get on domestic flights in Greece: A number of airlines operate direct flights from Thessaloniki to Heraklion as well as direct flights from Thessaloniki to Chania daily. Flights from Thessaloniki to Crete are about an hour and a quarter.

If you prefer to continue from Thessaloniki to Rhodes, you can do so on an hour-and-a-quarter flight with the help of ellinair or Olympic Air. The direct flight schedule from Thessaloniki to Rhodes includes about eight flights within Greece per week, and ticket prices start from € 46 per round-trip ticket.

Sky Express offers direct flights from Thessaloniki to Corfu only once a week (from about € 130 per round-trip ticket), and several companies compete on the line for flights to Samos from Thessaloniki, with about five flights per week (from about € 94 per round-trip ticket).

Direct flights to Lesbos from Thessaloniki depart more frequently, with about 10 flights per week. Flights from Thessaloniki to Lesbos start from € 76 per round-trip ticket.

flights From Crete to destinations in Greece

Crete operates three airports: Heraklion in the center, Chania in the west, and Sitia in the east. The main airport of Crete and the busiest of the three is Heraklion.

Domestic flights In Greece from Heraklion (Crete)

Heraklion Airport is located about 5km from the city center and serves a number of resorts such as Elonda, Stalida, Khersonisos, etc. A variety of destinations can be reached from Heraklion, whether you want to continue your trip to another Greek island or reach one of the main cities.

Flight time from Heraklion to Rhodes, for example, is only about an hour, similar to a direct flight from Heraklion to Kos. These two airlines operate Sky Express. The prices of Crete flights to Rhodes (from Heraklion) start from about EUR 236 per round-trip ticket, and the prices for Crete flights to Crete start from about EUR 204 per round-trip ticket. Flights from Heraklion to Rhodes take off daily, and flights from Heraklion to Kos take off three times a week. Of course, you can also find direct flights from Heraklion to Athens and Thessaloniki frequently.

Flights inside Greece from Chania (Crete)

Chania International Airport serves the city of Chania and West Crete. It has seasonal flights from all over Europe, along with several regular national flights from major cities in Greece. The port is about half an hour’s drive from Chania and about an hour and a quarter drive from Rethymno. Chania Airport can be reached by direct flights from Greece to Athens and by direct flight to Thessaloniki. On both of these flight lines, you will find daily flights.

Domestic flights in Greece from Sitia (Citi) 

Sitia is a port city in eastern Crete, with a small airport located close to the city center and serving a small number of seasonal flights from major European cities, as well as local flights in Greece from Heraklion, Rhodes, Lefkada, Alexandroupoli, and Athens.

Olympic Air operates flights to Athens, and Sky Express operates flights to Lefkada, Heraklion, Rhodes, and Alexandroupolis.

Internal flights in Greece from Rhodes

Rhodes Airport is located in the west of the island, north of the village of Paradisi and about 25 minutes’ drive from the center of Rhodes capital. The port serves mainly seasonal flights from all over Europe, as well as seasonal flights from Tel Aviv, along with regular domestic flights. In terms of domestic flights in Greece, from Rhodes, you can fly direct flights to Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as to several islands.

Direct flights from Rhodes to Athens fly several times a day and flights from Rhodes to Thessaloniki fly about eight times a week. On both of these lines, you will find Olympic Air and Elinair flights.

Sky Express operates direct flights from Rhodes to Crete (Heraklion) daily, flights from Rhodes to Kos and also flights to Samos from Rhodes twice a week, and direct flights from Rhodes to Karpathos three times a week.

Flights in Greece From Corfu

Corfu, a beautiful Greek island located off the west coast of Greece and Albania, operates an international airport serving charter and regular flights from a number of European cities as well as seasonal flights.

Corfu International Airport Ioannis Capodistrias is located about 2 km from Corfu Town, the capital of the island. Direct flights from Corfu to Athens depart at least four times a day.

Sky Express operates flights from Corfu to Thessaloniki as well as direct flights from Corfu to Lefkada with a schedule that includes about two weekly flights. Flights to Lefkada land at Preveza Airport, which also serves the island of Lefkada which is a short drive from the port. Prices start at about € 164 for round-trip flights from Corfu to Preveza, or from about € 130 for tickets from Corfu to Thessaloniki.

Flights from Kos to Greece

Kos International Airport is about a half-hour drive from the city center, and about 25 minutes drive from the village of Karplus. It mainly arrives on seasonal flights from around Europe alongside regular domestic flights in Greece.

Internal flights in Greece can be reached easily from Kos to Athens daily (about five flights a day). Astra Airlines operates direct flights from Kos to Thessaloniki twice a week. In addition, from Kos, you can catch a direct flight to Crete and Rhodes. Sky Express operates from Kos to Crete (Heraklion) 3 times a week, along with 2 flights from Kos to Rhodes each week. The flight time from Kos to Rhodes is only about half an hour.

Internal flights in Greece from Mykonos

Mykonos Island, part of the Cycladic Islands group, has a small airport about 4 km from Mykonos Town. Mykonos Airport serves a limited range of seasonal flights, along with regular domestic flights to Athens. , And the flight time from Mykonos to Athens is about forty minutes.

In addition, Olympic Air operates seasonal flights from Mykonos to Thessaloniki (ranging from € 87 to a round-trip ticket).

Domestic airlines in Greece

There are several major airlines operating domestic flights in Greece – including:

  • Olympic Air, a subsidiary of Aegean Airlines, Greece’s largest airline. Olympic Air operates a wide range of domestic flights in Greece. The cheapest fare on Olympic Air flights usually does not include baggage, and some service lines include light refreshments.
  • Volotea, a Spanish low-cost Spanish company that operates a number of cheap internal flights in Greece, and offers cheap fares without baggage fees and the purchase of snacks and drinks during the flight.
  • Sky Express, a Greek airline founded in 2005 and operates a variety of domestic airlines in Greece. The baggage terms at Sky Express’s cheapest fare usually allow for luggage of up to 13kg to the luggage compartment. The service on domestic flights in Sky Express usually includes snacks and drinks.
  • Ellinair is a Greek airline that began operating in 2014 and offers flights to several destinations in Greece with airline tickets that usually include luggage (sending luggage weighing up to 20kg to the luggage compartment


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