Cheapest Car Rentals Anywhere In The World

In order to find the best and cheapest car hire deals anywhere on the planet, You can use the price comparison engine below. To compare the prices of rental cars you should type in the country that you’re visiting followed by the city and then the pickup area Ex: Hotel you’re staying at or airport.

if your drop off destination is not the same as the pickup destination then you can check the “drop off car at different location” checkbox and then enter the drop off destination in the search field. Following this, You must choose the pickup and the drop off date along with the time of the delivery. Check the driver age box or enter the age of the driver if it is below 30 or above 65 and then click on search. This will show you all the cars available at the location  along with all the necessary information so that you can choose the cheapest car to rent.

You can also use the search tool on their website here. Another option is to use other price comparisons tools, such as Discover Cars or Qeeq.

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The Different Types Of Rental Cars

If you’re confused about what the best car to rent for you is then this guide will answer all of your questions. There are various vehicles that you can rent and these depend on several factors including the city and the number of passengers that you’re going to have.

As logic would dictate, Smaller cities tend to only have one or two major rental companies and a small number of vehicles for rent. Larger cities tend to have several rental companies and a wide variety of cars for rent.

These rental companies provide several kinds of vehicles of different sizes and power. Below you can see a list of the types of vehicles that car rental companies provide so that you can have a brief idea of the different kinds of cars available so that you can choose the best car to rent at the cheapest price.

  • Small Cars
  • Medium Cars
  • Large Cars
  • Estate Cars
  • Premium Cars
  • People Carriers
  • SUVs

Below you will see a more detailed look at each of these vehicle categories so that when you finally sit down to pick the car you want to rent, You’ll be able to pick out the best car to rent.

When To Rent Small Cars (4 Seater Car)

This is usually the cheapest car to rent if you don’t mind traveling rough. These cars are usually extremely compact hatchbacks and can fit about 4 or 5 people in with an effort. They are best for small cities or towns where the streets are usually small and less accommodating. They also mostly have the best mileage among all of the other car categories.

This is certainly the best option to pick if you’re low on cash or just don’t care about the vehicle and only regard it as something that takes you from point A to point B.

Another reason why you would want to pick a small car is if you’re renting it in a city with tight lanes and roads. For example when you rent a car in Rome. You’ll see that the roads are very narrow and hence renting an SUV is not very feasible.

If you have a destination already planned and want to know the best small car to rent then do check our article on the cheapest car to rent in your city of choice.

Some examples of Small rental cars are:

Hyundai I20

Fiat 500

When To Rent Medium Cars (4 or 5 Seater Car)

These cars are usually bigger than the vehicles in the previous category and hence also more comfortable by providing you with larger leg and luggage space. Hence This is the cheapest car you can rent on a budget if you require both comfort and good utility. They are best for small families or friends of up to five members. This car is also a relatively good choice if you want to rent a car in Barcelona or Rome because of their tight roads.

If you wish to rent a Medium sized car in any country then you can look at our article covering the city for the best vehicle to rent.

Examples of Medium Car are:

Ford Focus

When To Rent Large Cars: (5 or 6 Seater Cars)

These cars are excellent for medium-sized families and groups of friends. They are usually much more comfortable than medium or small cars and are also much better to look at.

These cars have a lot of leg space and can usually fit upwards of five people comfortably. These cars are usually sedan class and hence are much more expensive than Small or medium-class vehicles. They are also a good choice if you’re traveling to a country with long free roads and lots of riding. For example, if you want to rent a car in Tivat which is a small town and you’ll probably need to explore outwards to find good tourist attractions. Getting a large car is suitable.

If you wish to rent a large car in any city then be sure to check out our article on that city to find the best large car to rent.

Some examples of large cars include

Ford Mondeo

 Ford C-Max

When To Rent Estate Cars: (5 Seater Car)

Estate cars, Also called Station wagons is a variant of the sedan class and have a shared passenger and cargo hold. This kind of vehicle usually has foldable seats that allow you to fit even more luggage and are perfect for people with large cargo and not many people.

These station wagons can usually fit around five people.  If you wish to rent an Estate car in any city then don’t forget to look at our article on the best car to rent in the city you wish to go to.

Below are some good examples of Estate Cars:

Ford Focus Estate

Volkswagen Passat Estate

When To Rent Premium Cars (Luxury Cars)

If you don’t have a problem in splurging some cash towards the car you’ll be renting then premium cars are the way to go. These are top-of-the-line cars that any rental company has to offer and include a host of features. They can comfortably sit upwards of five people and include an all-premium interior and exterior that is bound to make people glance. They are also extremely comfortable to sit in with the usually superior quality of materials and parts used in them. Another thing to note when renting luxury cars is that they are usually found in larger cities. So if you wanted to rent a car in Paphos you’d realize that they do not have a large selection of luxury cars on the other hand if you tried to rent a car in London then you’ll realize that you will have a fleet of options when choosing from luxury cars.

If you wish to rent a Premium car in any city then you can look at our article for that city to find out the most premium car or the cheapest car to rent in that city.

Examples of premium vehicles:

BMW 2 Series Cabrio

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

When To Rent People Carriers: (7/8/9 Seater Cars)

If you are traveling with a large family or a large group of friends upwards of six people then what you need is a People Carrier class vehicle. This kind of vehicle can hold anywhere from five to nine passengers or a ton of luggage if you’re traveling heavily.

These vehicles usually look like vans with sliding doors and foldable seats. They usually have three rows, two in the front, three in the middle, and another three or four at the back. If you’re looking for a people carrier to rent for any city that you’re visiting then don’t forget to check out our article on the city to get the best and cheapest people carrier to rent.

Some good examples of People Carriers are

Vauxhall Zafira

Seat Alhambra

When To Rent SUV (5 Seater Cars)

SUVs stand for Sport Utility Vehicles and are typically like Estate vehicles with off-road features. These vehicles are perfect if you and your family or friends wish to go on long drives or ride on rough terrain. They strike a perfect balance between size and comfort providing good leg space and more than enough room to fit five people comfortably.

Another reason why you would want an SUV as stated previously is if you wish to rent a car in Paphos where the monuments are scattered and long drives are necessary then an SUV is the way to go.

If you wish to rent an SUV in any city then don’t forget to check out our article on whichever city you’re visiting to find the best SUV to rent.

Some examples of SUV’s are:

Kia Sorento

Bentley Bentayga

Car Rental Around The World – Important Tips

Driving In The City

An extremely important factor when renting a car in any city is looking at the major ways that one travels in the country, A lot of European countries along with countries like Japan tend to have an excellent system of public transportation which is faster and almost always more efficient than driving around in a car. Some cities have extremely high taxes put on cars to prevent people from buying them which leaks into the cost for renting the car too.

What Is The Perfect Car To Rent?

Once you’ve made sure that renting a car in the city is the best thing for you. You can move on to the Next topic which is choosing the best car to rent.

The best car to rent for you depends on several factors listed below:

  • Budget
  • Total Passengers
  • Driving requirements


car rental prices vary dramatically from country to country, Some countries have extremely cheap rates for renting a car like India while others’s like Japan is extremely expensive

If you’re on a budget then you should be looking at the small cars section on If you have more than 4 passengers then it is usually recommended that you go for the medium car sections or find something in the small car section that can accommodate five people. If however you’re willing to splurge a little then depending on the city you can get either an SUV or one of the premium quality cars that will help you to drive to your destination in the utmost style and comfort.

Total Passengers:

The number of passengers you will have in a car also impact the vehicle you’ll be getting heavily. If you have a total of five passengers then a car in the medium category is the best to rent. For six or more members, an SUV or a People carrier is the best choice.

Driving Requirements

The amount of driving you will be doing also plays a major role. If you’re going to be traveling from city to city or longer distances then an SUV is something that we would recommend since they are perfect for long drives and allow you to drive steadily without any hiccups on the road. Hence if you want to rent a car in Rome then it is advisable that you rent a smaller car because of the tight corners. If you are going to rent a car in Tivat then you can rent a bigger car if you want to travel long distances to visit monuments or a smaller one if you’re gonna mainly be in the town since the town is quite small.

General Tips For Renting A Car

  1. Always look at the minimum age required for renting a car. Some rental companies have it at 21 while others from 27 to 50.
  2. Read the Rental Car Company policy which is displayed on every vehicle page on
  3. If you’re going to stay in the city for longer than a month then it is almost always better to rent a car for a complete month since prices are much lower.
  4. gives you the option to add additional equipment to your rental vehicle like GPS, bumpers etc.
  5. Don’t forget to look at our article for the city to find the best and cheapest cars to rent.
  6. Look at the fuel policy for cars, Most Rental companies expect you to top the fuel to the same amount it had when you rented it.
  7. The mileage is also something to look at if you plan to drive for longer hours, Some rental companies don’t have a limit on how much you can drive while others have limits ranging from five hundred to two fifty.
  8. Insurance is also a vital part of renting a car, Driving in a new city tends to confuse most drivers and hence the probability of getting into accidents is higher so insurance is always recommended. Most Rental Companies provide you with insurance.
  9. Always check if pickup/drop off service is available at your location

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