Domestic Flights in Germany – Cheap Deals

Germany has a variety of large cities, full of culture and impressive architecture, but also beautiful nature, all over the country. In short, there is a lot to see and accomplish. Domestic flights in Germany can help you get the most out of your vacation in Germany and save you valuable time.

flights within Germany – Price Comparison and Online Booking

The price comparison engine for flights within Germany is straightforward to use. You can also search by flexible dates to find the cheapest flight in a specific date range.

To book a domestic flight in Germany through the flights search engine, enter the relevant details in the search engine above. make sure that the ‘From’ field is where you want to travel from (for example, Berlin) and the ‘To’ field is where you want to go (for example Munich). Even if you don’t yet have a route to where you’re going, fill in the ‘From’ field with the destination you’re traveling from (e.g. Berlin) and then enter Germany in the ‘To’ field, which when you search you will see all domestic flight options from your location. Search dates can also be flexible by entering Anytime or a specific date range.

In the search phase, you can choose if you want to view only certain flight classes and if you are only interested in flights that already include baggage (these filters are located above the origin and destination boxes).

Please note that the results appearing in front of you will also include other means of transportation, such as buses and trains, but you can filter the results so that they only show a flight.

The results can be sorted for your convenience (by clicking on one of the options above the search results) according to the website’s recommendation, the cheapest price, the shortest route, the departure time, etc.

You can also filter the search results (on the right side of the results) by the airline, price, certain days of the week, etc.

The ordering process is also short and simple. During the reservation, you will be presented with essential details (mainly on low-cost and domestic flights), such as whether the price includes luggage. You can usually add a luggage package to the flight on the booking page. On the same reservation page, you can also add paid travel insurance and even an additional service offered that will check in online for you. This is particularly effective on low-cost flights, where check-in at the airport sometimes involves an additional fee. You can also reserve a seat by the window or in the aisle or a seat with more legroom (usually for an additional cost).

flights to Germany

Germany is one of the most populous nations in Central Europe. It is a favorite destination for many foreign tourists due to its rich history and different scenery. Most of Germany’s major cities, including Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, have large airport hubs, making direct flights to Germany from outside of Europe simple. Furthermore, travelling to other European sites is simple because to the many low-cost airlines that operate across Germany, including the capital Berlin.

There are several low-cost airlines that provide flights to Germany; but, depending on your ultimate destination, some flights may need a transfer. Lufthansa, Germany’s national carrier, operates direct flights from various North American locations to Frankfurt, the German hub. US Airways, United, Delta, and KLM are some of the other major airlines that provide low-cost flights to Germany.

How to book Domestic flights in Germany?

You can order domestic flights in Germany directly from the local airline, on the website, or by phone, or you can compare prices between several airlines. In this article, we used the search engine above for price comparison. For your convenience, you can use the search box through which you can compare flight prices according to your specific needs.

With the help of Kiwi’s price comparison engine, we could see the lowest prices for domestic flights in Germany, what each fee includes, etc. You can also order through the website with a few simple button clicks.

Ordering an Airport Transfer in Germany

Although public transportation in Germany is excellent, sometimes the most convenient option for transportation from the airport in Germany is to order a taxi from the airport, especially when it comes to a large group and when a minibus, etc., is needed. There is no substitute for a driver waiting for you at the exit of the field: without having to find the nearest bus or train station, understand the schedule, or how to buy tickets, all in a foreign language. To order a shuttle to the airport in Germany, you can use the Kiwitaxi service:

With the convenient service of Kiwitaxi, you can order a shuttle in advance, know the price in advance (which usually also includes free cancellation up to a specific time before the planned trip), and more. There are several advantages of Kiwi Ceremonies’ service compared to other options. For example, you can pre-select the vehicle type from a variety of vehicle types, something that is not always available when ordering in the last minute. You can request a standard car (the cheapest option), a business car (such as a Lexus GS, Mercedes E-Class, etc.), a minivan in several sizes (sometimes you can find a minivan that fits even 19 people), and more. All this, of course, depends on the availability of vehicles in the appropriate location, and each destination may have different options. Also, you can order a child safety seat for an additional fee (usually at about $5-10, depending on the type of seat).

Kivitaxis’ service for private transportation from the airport in Germany makes the landing much more relaxed and comfortable, and less cumbersome. It is especially suitable for families with children, large groups, business trips, etc.

Domestic Airlines in Germany

The leading airline that offers domestic flights in Germany is Lufthansa. However, several other airlines, primarily German, provide domestic flights in Germany. We checked the ticket conditions for domestic flights in Germany of some of the leading airlines operating on these routes. However, please note that ticket conditions change from time to time, and each flight ticket has its needs, so you should check the exact requirements of your ticket at the time of purchase.


Most domestic flights in Germany are operated by Lufthansa, one of the largest airlines in the world.

On Lufthansa’s Germany’s domestic flight schedules, you can usually choose between a classic tourist ticket, which generally includes a reserved seat, luggage (with a standard weight of 23 kg), a boarding bag, and also the option to change the flight without a fee (by paying the price differences) but without Possibility of cancellation. On most domestic flights, you can also purchase an Economy Lite ticket, a cheaper ticket with no baggage allowance, the possibility of changes for a fee, and without the case of cancellation. Another ticket, Economy Flex, is the most expensive tourist class ticket and allows for the most flexible change conditions, including Cancellation for a fee.

On a significant part of Lufthansa’s internal flights in Germany, you can also purchase a business class ticket, despite the short flight time.

Business class passengers on Lufthansa domestic flights generally enjoy improved baggage conditions, seat reservation, access to the lounge if available, flexible ticket conditions usually with no fees, and food and beverage service. However, the requirements vary from flight to flight, so you should pay attention to the exact conditions of your flight ticket when purchasing.


The EuroWings company also offers local flights in Germany, from a fundamental and cheap ticket to a “bizclass” ticket.

The basic ticket is a standard low-cost ticket, including a small bag for boarding the plane and no luggage. However, as of the article’s writing, in most Eurowings primary tickets for domestic flights in Germany that we encountered, you can make changes to the ticket without a fee (in addition to ticket price differences only). However, fee-free cancellation is only available on the more upgraded cards. It is worth noting that the primary card includes online check-in, which means that if you forget to check in on the website and ask to check in at the airport, you may be charged a fee. Also, the bag with which you can board the plane for the basic passengers is smaller than the bag for the holders of the other tickets.

In most of the cheap primary tickets, we found at EuroWings, the baggage allowance was relatively inexpensive, in the region of 17 euros. The upgraded smart card, which is more like a classic economy class card, includes, among other things, one suitcase to be sent to the luggage compartment (up to 23 kg).

Another ticket is the Bizclass ticket, which includes a variety of benefits such as improved baggage conditions, leg room, and more.

Although EuroWings usually offer the purchase of drinks and food on short flights, on local flights in Germany, this service is generally unavailable because these are very short flights.


EasyJet is one of the largest low-cost companies in the world. It operates on several lines of flights within Germany and offers flight tickets at meager prices. When purchasing a domestic flight ticket in Germany from EasyJet, you can choose between two types of tickets: standard and flexi. The standard ticket is a typical low-cost ticket, which does not include luggage, food, etc. By purchasing this ticket, you can board the flight with a small bag, and operations such as reserving a seat or changing the date will be charged a fee. The Flexi card is an upgraded card that, in addition to baggage allowance and seat reservation, includes faster boarding, flexible change conditions, and a coupon for purchasing food and drinks at the restaurant during the flight (if the lounge is available).

How far in advance do you need to arrive at the airport for flights within Germany?

Generally, the recommendation of the domestic airlines in Germany is to arrive at the airport about two hours before the flight. You should also add safety time if there are traffic jams, delays in public transportation, or any malfunctions.

Tips for flights within Germany

Domestic flights in Germany are short, and almost all flights do not exceed a flight time of about one hour and ten to twenty minutes.

Plus, a trip to the airport and arriving about two hours before the flight, the whole journey of a domestic flight in Germany is usually easy, short, and will take you a few hours out of the day. A domestic flight in Germany will usually leave you a large part of the day free, won’t waste you much time, and most likely won’t tire you out too much. However, if the locations of origin and destination are relatively close, comparing flight versus public transportation is worthwhile. Another advantage of flights within Germany is that on several airlines, especially those operated by low-cost companies, you can find relatively cheap tickets.

Many passengers prefer to purchase a cheap ticket for a domestic flight and will therefore choose the low-cost option. However, there are some essential details that you should pay attention to when purchasing a low-cost ticket. Many of these cards do not include essential services we take for granted. Almost always, the low-cost tickets (as well as the “lite” tickets and the like on major airlines) do not include baggage allowance. If you purchase such a ticket, you should check the price of an extra bag in case you need it. When purchasing a flight ticket from the Kiwi website, you can request to filter the results according to tickets that include baggage allowance only and also add a suitcase to the key when ordering.

Another thing that these tickets sometimes do not include is check-in at the airport, which is a detail not many pay attention to. If your passport does not have check-in at the airport, set a reminder to check in online so you are not charged a fee for checking in at the airport. When ordering a domestic flight ticket from the Kiwi website, you can register for a service that will check in for you online.

Price Comparisons for Internal flights in Germany

We made several price comparisons for domestic flights in Germany from some of the main airports in the country with the help of the flights search engine (above), which allowed us to find cheap domestic flights in Germany. Please note that the prices may change, and it is not sure that you will get the exact flight tickets in the search you will make.

flights within Germany from Berlin

Berlin Airport (BER) is located about 18 km from the city center. It is a new airport that replaced the old Berlin airports and is one of the busiest airports in the country.

Local trains from the airport in Berlin, which often depart from the station in the field, arrive at the central station in the city in about half an hour. You can also use the S-BAHN trains to get to the town. The Berlin Airport train station is located in Terminal 1. In addition, there are also a variety of bus routes that pass through Berlin Airport.

Berlin Airport has a variety of restaurants, food stalls and cafes, a variety of gift shops, travel products, books, etc., and various services ranging from VAT refunds to VIP services.

A variety of international flights depart from Berlin, as well as national flights in Germany, including:

  • Direct flights from Berlin to Cologne depart daily and are operated by Eurowings and EasyJet. We got the lowest price for a flight from Berlin to Cologne (round-trip) from Kiwi’s price comparison for a combined ticket (easyjet round-trip flight at the end of March and Eurowings flight at the beginning of April) at the cost of 58 euros.
  • Flights from Berlin to Stuttgart depart daily and are operated by Eurowings. In the price comparison we made on the Kiwi website, the lowest price for a Eurowings flight (round trip) from Berlin to Stuttgart is 82 euros for a flight in June.
  • Flights from Berlin to Munich are operated by Lufthansa several times a day. According to our price comparison, the lowest price for a flight from Berlin to Munich (round trip) is about 118 euros (August).

Domestic flights from Munich

Munich Airport (MUC) is an international airport and the second busiest in Germany. From the Munich airport, several internal flights in Germany are operated mainly by Eurowings and Lufthansa.

The distance from the Munich airport to the city center is about half an hour’s drive, and you can easily reach the city by taxi or one of the S-BAHN trains that connect the airport to the city in a journey time of about forty minutes. In addition, you can reach the city by express bus during a journey of about 45 minutes.

National flights in Germany from Munich take off to a variety of destinations:

  • Flights from Munich to Hamburg depart daily, often at all day hours, and are mainly operated by Lufthansa and Eurowings. We got the lowest price for a flight from Munich to Hamburg from EuroWings at 47 euros (round trip in September). Lufthansa operates flights inside Germanyfrom Munich to Berlin several times a day. The lowest price we received for a flight from Munich to Berlin from Lufthansa is 118 euros for a round-trip ticket at the end of May (return at the beginning of June).
  • Local flights from Munich to Dusseldorf are operated by Eurowings and Lufthansa daily, several times a day. We received the lowest price for a flight from Munich to Dusseldorf from EuroWings for a return flight in August (return in September) at the cost of 108 euros.
  • Direct flights from Munich to Frankfurt are operated by Lufthansa several times a day, every day. The lowest price for a flight from Munich to Frankfurt is 140 euros for a round-trip ticket in June.

Local flights from Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is about a 20-minute drive from the city. The city can be quickly and easily reached from Frankfurt Airport by taxi, train, and bus. Frankfurt Airport is extensive and includes two terminals, with a large variety of shops, services, and restaurants. Also, you can enjoy free wireless internet service in the airport complex.

Daily flights depart from Frankfurt Airport to a variety of destinations in Europe and the rest of the world, as well as a variety of domestic flight destinations in Germany, including:

  • Direct flights from Frankfurt to Berlin are operated by Lufthansa several times a day. The lowest price we found for a domestic flight from Frankfurt to Berlin is a return flight in April at 130 euros. Lufthansa operates flights from Frankfurt to Hamburg. We got the lowest price for a flight from Frankfurt to Hamburg for a return ticket at 130 euros in March.
  • Flights from Frankfurt to Munich are operated by Lufthansa several times a day. The lowest price for a flight from Frankfurt to Munich is 132 euros for a return flight in April.
  • Flights from Frankfurt to Hanover are operated by Lufthansa daily. The lowest price for a flight from Frankfurt to Hanover obtained in the price comparison we conducted is 141 euros for a flight in March (round trip).
  • Flights from Frankfurt to Bremen are operated by Lufthansa daily. The lowest price for a flight from Frankfurt to Bremen obtained in the price comparison we conducted is 139 for the return flight in March.

flights within Germany from Hamburg

Hamburg Airport (HAM) serves a variety of international flights and domestic flights in Germany. The travel time from the Hamburg airport to the city center is about twenty minutes, and you can also quickly get there by the S-bahn train on the S1 line, which runs frequently and will take you to the city center in only about 25 minutes.

Several bus lines also operate in the complex that serves the airport day and night.

These are some of the most popular domestic flight lines that operate in Hamburg:

Flights from Hamburg to Munich are operated daily, mainly by Lufthansa and Eurowings.

  • In the price comparison for domestic flights from Hamburg to Munich, we received the lowest price from EuroWings at 85 euros for a round-trip ticket in October (return in November).
  • Lufthansa operates direct flights from Hamburg to Frankfurt, which offers several daily flights on this route. In the price comparison we made we got the lowest price for a round-trip flight (leave in February, return in March) at 129 euros.
  • Flights from Hamburg to Stuttgart are operated by Eurowings daily. We got the lowest price for a flight from Hamburg to Stuttgart for a return flight (depart at the end of August, return in September), at 98 euros.
  • Flights from Hamburg to Dusseldorf are mainly operated by Eurowings, which offers daily flights on this route. The lowest price for a flight from Hamburg to Dusseldorf according to our price comparison is 98 euros for a round trip in October.

Domestic flights in Germany from Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) has three terminals located only about ten kilometers from the city. It is one of the leading and busiest airports in Germany. Domestic flights usually take off from Terminal A, which is used by Lufthansa and Aerowings, or from Terminal B. Dusseldorf Airport, which offers all the services a passenger needs, from various shops for pre-flight shopping to VIP services, lounges, and more.

You can reach the city center from Dusseldorf airport in about fifteen minutes by car. You can also quickly get to the train station using the airport’s high-speed train and take a train to the city.

  • Flights from Dusseldorf to Munich depart daily and are operated by Lufthansa and Eurowings. We got the lowest price for a flight from Dusseldorf to Munich from Eurowings, for a round-trip ticket in August at 108 euros.
  • Flights from Dusseldorf to Berlin are operated by Eurowings daily. We got the lowest price for a flight from Dusseldorf to Berlin (round trip) for a ticket for a round trip flight in August and a return flight in September at the cost of 108 euros.
  • Flights from Dusseldorf to Hamburg are operated by Eurowings daily. According to the price comparison, the lowest price for a flight from Dusseldorf to Hamburg is 98 euros (for a round-trip ticket in April).

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