Domestic Flights within Norway – Cheap Deals

One of the things that can upgrade your vacation in Norway, and make the trip more relaxed and enjoyable, especially if it is a relatively short trip, is choosing the option of internal flights in Norway from destination to destination throughout the country. Domestic flights in Norway can save you many hours of travel, thus allowing you to discover as many interesting destinations as possible in this impressive country.

How to book domestic flights in Norway?

Planning the transitions during the vacation is one of the first steps you will need to take during vacation planning in Norway and one of the most important elements in planning a successful vacation. Effective price comparisons will help you get the most suitable and affordable deals in any field.

The flights search engine provides a service that combines price comparison, a search engine, and an online travel agency:

If you are looking for, for example, national flights in Norway departing from Oslo, you can enter Oslo in the origin field and write “Norway” in the destination field.

This way, the search results will show you a variety of destinations in Norway, and you can see which are the cheapest flights inside Norway from Oslo, and even get interested in new goals that you hadn’t thought of (you can check which ones are the most popular).

With the help of the friendly and convenient Kiwi platform; you will not only be able to perform an accurate and intelligent search for flights from a huge database but also make the reservation at the same place, add extras if necessary and use Kiwi’s customer service.

After ordering, you can manage it on Kiwi’s website. Also, Kiwis provide assistance and telephone customer service and offer additional insurance to purchase during the booking to ensure that the entire process, up to the flight, is convenient and simple.

Advantages of booking local flights in Norway with Kiwi:

Flight search from a huge database of flight tickets and a system that connects flight tickets, which are not always available together in the agencies, so that you can find tickets as cheaply as possible.

Option to purchase Kiwi’s special insurance to cover connections (especially great for self-transfer links where you have to check in again).

Option to add travel insurance, baggage loss insurance, and baggage packages already during the booking.

Telephone customer service in English that is available 24/7 (and in several additional languages ​​at varying times).

A search engine with smart functions allows you to find a wide variety of flights, then filter and sort the results so that the search process is particularly efficient.

As mentioned, the conditions, the available services (as well as the insurance and extras), and the prices may change depending on the flight routes and the availability of the tickets on the airlines, so it is recommended to check the data close to the date of your vacation in Norway.

Tips for finding an especially cheap national flight in Norway for a trip to Norway with the help of Kiwi:

Try, if possible, to be as flexible as possible in choosing the destination and origin. Kiwi’s search engine is excellent at offering additional airports besides the ones you have selected: you can select an entire region, an area within a country, a country, and even a continent and thus get a wider variety of airport offers.

The auto-completion will offer additional nearby destinations if you have chosen a certain goal.

In addition, if you can be flexible in the departure or return dates, you can use Kiwi’s convenient function that allows you to enter a flexible date range (departure and return) and even search for any time of the year by entering the phrase “doesn’t matter.” This way, you can schedule your vacation according to the dates when you can book the cheapest flights.

Usually, the cheapest flights that the system locates do not include luggage. To show you only results that suit your needs, Kiwi’s price comparison engine has a function of marking the number of suitcases you want to take on the flight (appears by clicking on the small suitcase icon at the top of the search box). This way, the system will filter results that do not include baggage allowance in the ticket price and only show you tickets that match your requirements. Another option is to perform the search without filtering according to the amount of luggage, and during the order, add luggage as an extra.

In this guide, you will find information about the airports in Norway, the companies that operate flights within Norway, the prices and service on flights, and even a system for comparing flight prices, with which you can also order flight tickets and manage the order.

Norway is one of Europe’s most special and spectacular countries, with beautiful nature, picturesque towns, and unique experiences, such as watching the northern lights.

If you are planning a vacation in Norway, and especially if you intend to travel to Norway with children, it is worth investing time in smart planning of the trip so that you can enjoy as many destinations and attractions as possible without wasting precious time on long and tedious trips from place to place. Internal flights in Norway can be an excellent option.

You can easily and comfortably reach various beautiful and one-off destinations, far from each other, served by small airports.

In Norway, there are over forty airports that serve commercial flights to the general public, ranging from large airports such as Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen, to smaller airports such as Kirkenes, Volda, Molde, and more, which often provide travelers with a beautiful and unforgettable view as part of the flight experience.

In addition to information about the destinations, the airports, the airlines that operate local flights in Norway, etc., we have attached to this guide the Kiwi flight price comparison engine, which we used to prepare the article, and with which you can find the most profitable flights for you, purchase the tickets and manage the Order online. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the use of Kiwi’s system and tips for finding cheap flights in Norway.

Ordering a shuttle from the airport in Norway

After booking internal flights in Norway, you should spend a little more time pre-organizing your transitions during your trip to Norway to be more comfortable, faster, and without unexpected surprises that will weigh on your budget. Ordering a taxi from the airport in advance has a variety of advantages: the price is known in advance, the driver will wait at the meeting point, and you can choose the type of vehicle from a variety of available vehicles (standard, family, premium vehicles, minibuses for large groups, etc.), the cancellation conditions are convenient, you can take care of special extras in advance, Such as a safety seat for toddlers or accessibility for the disabled and more.

Booking a private shuttle in advance at the airport in Norway is particularly effective for families and large groups, thanks to the option to order a minivan and arrange ahead of time for the addition of a safety seat (usually for an additional fee). These things are not always possible in the 90th minute.

With the help of KiwiTaxi’s system, a convenient platform for booking shuttles in over a hundred countries worldwide – including Norway – you can pre-book a shuttle from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport (as well as intercity shuttles throughout Norway). Kiwi Taxi’s system operates in English in collaboration with local companies that meet Kiwitaxi’s quality standard. This is a convenient platform for ordering a shuttle, choosing a vehicle from a variety of vehicle types, adding add-ons to the order, and more, when the price is known in advance (and in some cases, part of the payment can also be made on the website using a credit card). The bookings usually include waiting time, waiting for the driver at the meeting point, and convenient cancellation conditions.

Please note that the booking conditions, the available extras, and the public vehicles may change from destination to destination and from time to time, so it is recommended to check the prices and order the service close to your flight to Norway.

Domestic airlines in Norway

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Shuttle is the largest airline in Norway and one of the largest in Europe. This is a low-cost company that operates various international flights and international flights inside Norway.

The service on Norwegian Air flights usually includes the option to purchase snacks and drinks for a fee during the flight (for a flight time of over an hour).

On most Norwegian Air flights, there is an option to connect to wireless internet (usually, there is a free option and upgraded paid opportunities). You can generally check on the website before the flight if the wireless internet is available and which packages are available for the internet.

As with any low-cost company, Norwegian Air offers different types of tickets, with the cheapest being the standard low-cost conditions (no baggage, fee changes, etc.), but you can purchase upgraded tickets with more flexible change conditions and improved baggage conditions.

Norwegian Air Shuttles reach various destinations in Norway: Bergen, Bodø, Andans, Ella, Tromsø, Mold, Kirkenes, and many others.

Flyr airline

Flyr is a relatively new Norwegian airline founded in 2020. It is a low-cost company that offers international flights and various flights within Norway to multiple destinations in Norway. The company provides several types of standard tickets, from cheap and basic access, including hand luggage but not a suitcase or seat selection, to upgraded tickets with improved luggage conditions, flexible change conditions, and additional benefits. The flight service within Norway operated by Flyer varies according to the flight time but usually includes serving water, coffee, and tea free of charge. Generally, on flights of over an hour, you can purchase snacks and drinks for a fee, and on flights of over two and a quarter hours, you can also purchase meals for a fee. The company’s fleet includes mainly Boeing 737 aircraft.


Widerøe is a Norwegian airline and one of the largest airlines in the region, with flights to international destinations and domestic destinations in Norway.

The service on Widerøe’s Norwegian and Scandinavian flights usually includes serving tea and coffee free of charge and the possibility of purchasing drinks and snacks for a fee (or ordering meals in advance on some flights).

The menu on Widerøe’s local flights in Norway is relatively diverse, with various snacks, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and even a snack box in a gift box suitable for children (depending on availability).

Scandinavian Airlines SAS

Scandinavian Airlines is an airline that operates in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

On Scandinavian Airlines flights, coffee and tea are served free of charge, and snacks and drinks can be purchased from the menu for a fee, but the options available vary from flight to flight. On the shortest flights, it is usually not possible to serve refreshments. On flights over 80 minutes, you can generally order meals in advance for a fee.

When should you arrive at the airport before domestic flights in Norway?

The generally accepted recommendation for national flights in Norway around the world is to arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure. According to Norwegian Air Shuttle’s website, check-in for their flights inside Norway opens about two hours before scheduled departure and closes approximately half an hour before scheduled departure. We recommend adding a security time in case of traffic jams, long queues, etc., especially regarding tourist periods, and verifying with the airline what the recommended time is.

Flights within Norway from Oslo

Oslo Airport (OSL), or Oslo Gardermoen Airport, is located about forty minutes drive from the city of Oslo, with direct flights to various international destinations and internal flights in Norway. Oslo Airport has one terminal with multiple services, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Among the benefits for passengers, you can find currency exchange services, ATMs, hotels within walking distance of the terminal, conference rooms, lounges, and more. Various services will make waiting at the airport for families with children much more comfortable: family rooms, corners, Breastfeeding, play areas, and more.

Local flights in Norway from Oslo reach a variety of destinations in Norway, such as:

Flights from Oslo to Bergen: direct flights from various companies, with a high frequency every day from morning to night, with a flight time of about fifty minutes and prices starting from about $41 one way.

Flights from Oslo to Tromsø: direct flights, with a flight time of about one hour and forty-five minutes, with high frequency from morning to evening, and prices that start from about $66 one way.

Flights from Oslo to Stavanger: direct flights with high frequency from morning to evening, with a flight time of about fifty minutes, and prices starting from about $46 one way.

Flights from Oslo to Trondheim: high-frequency flights, every day from morning to evening, with a flight time of about fifty minutes, and prices starting from about $46 one way.

Flights from Oslo to Bodø: high-frequency direct flights with at least several flights per day, a flight time of about one hour and twenty-five minutes, and prices start from about $66.

Flights from Oslo to Kirkenes: take off daily, once or twice a day, with a flight time of about two hours and five minutes and prices starting from about $61.

National flights in Norway from Bergen

Bergen Airport (BGO) is the second busiest airport in Norway. It serves Bergen, a beautiful and relatively small port city with spectacular and picturesque views, colorful wooden houses on top of a mountainous landscape, and other attractions. In general, this is a place that looks like a postcard.

Bergen airport is about twenty minutes away by car from the city. It is a comfortable, modern, and efficient airport that will provide you with a special flight experience with a breathtaking view and a relaxed affair at the airport.

It has several ATMs, family services, hotels within walking distance, a lounge, wireless internet, and other passenger services.

Flights inside Norway from Bergen reach a variety of destinations in Norway: Oslo, Tromsø, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bodø, Narvik, Ålesund, Molde and more.

These are some of the regular flights within Norway that take off from Bergen:

Flights from Bergen to Oslo: regular flights every day, from morning to evening, with a flight time of about fifty minutes, and various companies that operate on this route. Prices start from about $61 one way.

Flights from Bergen to Tromsø: direct flights that take off daily, with a flight time of about one hour and fifty-five minutes, and prices that start from about $75 one way.

Flights from Bergen to Trondheim: daily flights operated by various companies, with a flight time of about fifty-five minutes and prices starting from about $41 one way.

Flights from Bergen to Bodø: daily flights with a flight time of about one hour and fifty minutes and prices starting from about $91 one way.

Flights from Bergen to Narvik: regular flights several times a week (about seven flights a week), with a flight time of about one hour and fifty minutes, and prices starting from about $56 one way.

Flights to Tromso

Tromsø is called the capital of the Arctic and is one of the most special areas in Norway, in the north of the country and at a distance of about 344 km from the Arctic Circle. It is a spectacular city with a variety of special attractions.

Tromsø is served by an international airport (TOS) located on the island’s west coast, with a fairly limited range of seasonal and regular flights to domestic and international destinations.

Tromsø can be reached from a variety of destinations by direct flights: direct daily flights from Bergen (a flight of about one hour and fifty-five minutes), daily flights from Bodø (with a flight time of about fifty minutes), high-frequency flights from Kirkenes (with a flight time of about fifty-five minutes) and more.

Flights to Lofoten

Lofoten is a beautiful and unforgettable archipelago and tourist destination; a bit remote but worth the trip. The landscapes in Lofoten are breathtaking, from the beaches to the picturesque towns and fishing villages.

Two major airports serve the Lofoten area: Leknes Airport (LKN), located in the town of Leknes, and Svolvær Airport (SVJ), located in the city of Svolvær.

Direct flights to Leknes arrive from Oslo (about four times a week), Bergen (about twice a week), and Bodø (short daily flights).

Direct flights to Solvar depart from Oslo (about four flights a week), from Bodø (daily flights of about twenty-five minutes), and Rost.

Flights to Stavanger

Stavanger is one of the most beautiful picturesque cities in Norway, with colorful streets full of restaurants, street art, elaborate parks, and a beautiful harbor. The city is full of interesting attractions and surrounded by beautiful nature.

Stavanger is served by an international airport (SVG).

The port complex has a variety of restaurants (hamburgers, cafes, Italian food, bars, and more) as well as convenience stores, bookstores, and more.

Flights to Stavanger come from various international destinations and several destinations in Norway on regular direct flights.

You can find flights from Oslo to Stavanger (several daily flights with a flight time of about fifty minutes), flights from Bodø to Stavanger (about two flights a week with a flight time of about two and a quarter hours), and flights from Narvik to Stavanger (two flights a week with a flight time of about two hours and twenty-five minutes).

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