Domestic Flights in Sweden – Cheapest Prices

Looking to travel within Sweden? Check out this guide to domestic flights in Sweden, including information on domestic airlines in Sweden, airports, and routes!

Booking Domestic flights in Sweden

The flights search engine you will find below on this page is a great resource for booking domestic flights in Sweden. They offer a wide variety of flights search options and the search engine is easy to use. The first tip is to choose the origin and destination. You can enter not only a specific city but also an entire region, country, or continent, or even enter the destination as “any place” and thus see all the goals that can be reached from the origin you have chosen.

Even if you don’t yet have a route to where you’re going, fill in the ‘From’ field with the destination you’re traveling from (e.g. Stockholm) and then enter Sweden in the ‘To’ field, which when you search you will see all domestic flight options from your location. Search dates can also be flexible by entering Anytime or a specific date range.

Domestic airlines in Sweden

There are a few domestic airlines in Sweden that fly to various destinations around the country. The most popular domestic airline is SAS, which has its main hub at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Other domestic airlines in Sweden include Braathens Regional Airlines, Nextjet, and Wideroe.

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the largest airline in Scandinavia. SAS operates flights to more than 90 destinations worldwide, including domestic flights within Sweden.

SAS offers both economy and business class on its national flights in Sweden. Economy class passengers can enjoy complimentary soft drinks and coffee, as well as a selection of hot and cold snacks for purchase. Business class passengers can enjoy a meal service with complimentary wine or beer.

SAS also offers in-flight entertainment on its domestic flights in Sweden, with a selection of movies, TV shows, music and games available to all passengers. Wi-Fi is also available on SAS domestic flights, allowing passengers to stay connected while in the air.


Ryanair is Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, and offers domestic flights within Sweden. Their fares are very competitive, and they offer a variety of services to make your travel experience more comfortable. Ryanair also has a very good safety record, so you can rest assured that you’ll be safe while flying with them.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a low-cost airline that offers local flights in Sweden. The airline has a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft that are equipped with 180 seats. The company operates out of Stockholm Arlanda Airport and offers flights to a variety of destinations including Gothenburg, Malmo, and Umea.

Airports for flights within Sweden

flights inside sweden from Stockholm

There are a few different airlines that offer domestic flights in Sweden from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The most popular is SAS, who fly to several different destinations around the country. Another option is Norwegian, who fly to a smaller number of destinations but often have cheaper fares. Whichever airline you choose, domestic flights within Sweden are generally very reliable and comfortable.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

If you’re looking for internal flights in Sweden, your best bet is to fly into Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This airport is the largest in Sweden and offers domestic flights in Sweden to all major cities. From Arlanda, you can easily get to anywhere in Sweden that you need to go.

Domestic flights in sweden from Gothenburg

There are many domestic flights in Sweden that operate out of the Gothenburg airport. Some of the most popular destinations include Stockholm, Malmo, and Uppsala. There are also flights to other parts of Sweden, such as Lulea and Kiruna.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

This airport is located just outside of Gothenburg and offers flights within Sweden to a variety of destinations throughout the country. While it may not be the busiest airport in Sweden, it’s still a great option for those looking for convenient, reliable travel.

Local flights in sweden from Malmo

Looking to travel within Sweden? There are plenty of domestic flights available from Malmo Airport (MMX), located in the southernmost region of the country. Travelers can fly to major Swedish cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala, as well as smaller towns and destinations.

There are a few different airlines that operate domestic flights from Malmo Airport, so be sure to check out all of your options before booking your ticket. Once you’ve found the perfect flight, sit back and enjoy the scenic views of Sweden from the sky!

Malmo Airport

There are many great things to see and do in Sweden, and one of the best ways to get around the country is by domestic flights. Malmo Airport is a great option for domestic flights in Sweden, as it offers service to many different parts of Sweden. Whether you’re looking to explore the capital city of Stockholm or the beautiful countryside, Malmo Airport can get you there.

Internal flights in Sweden – prices

If you’re looking to travel within Sweden, there are a few things you need to know about flights within Sweden. Prices can vary greatly depending on when and where you fly, so it’s important to do your research before booking.

The good news is that there are a number of low-cost domestic airlines in Sweden, so you should be able to find a reasonably priced flight if you’re flexible with your dates and destination. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal on domestic flights in Sweden.

  1. Compare prices with the search engine above. There are a number of budget airlines operating in Sweden, so it’s worth checking out all your options before booking.
  2. Be flexible with your dates and times. If you’re able to fly midweek or outside of peak times, you’ll usually find cheaper flights.
  3. Book in advance. The closer you get to your travel date, the more expensive domestic flights in Sweden will become. So, if you know when you want to travel, it’s best to book early and save yourself some money.
  4. Check out special offers and deals on domestic flights in Sweden. Airlines often have sales and promotions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any special offers.

Sweden’s Domestic flights – tips and information

If you’re planning on flying within Sweden, there are a few things you should know. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and information on domestic flights in Sweden.

First of all, it’s important to note that there are only a few airports that offer domestic flights within Sweden. The main ones are Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, and Malmö Airport. If you’re flying from another airport, you’ll likely have to connect through one of these three.

When booking your flight, be sure to check the luggage allowance. Most airlines have a limit of 20kg for checked baggage, and 8kg for carry-on baggage. If you have more than this, you may have to pay extra fees.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many domestic flights in Sweden are operated by budget airlines. This means that they often have fewer amenities than full-service airlines. For example, you may not be able to choose your seat in advance, or there may not be in-flight entertainment.

So, those are a few things to keep in mind when booking domestic flights in Sweden. Be sure to do your research and compare prices


Overall, domestic flights in Sweden are a convenient way to travel between cities. The main airline companies are reliable and the prices are reasonable. Although there may be some delays during peak times, overall the experience is positive. If you have the chance to fly domestic in Sweden, we recommend that you take advantage of it!

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