Domestic Flights in Poland – The Complete Guide

Suppose you are planning a vacation in Poland and are interested in discovering various destinations beyond the main cities. In that case, you should consider getting from place to place by flight. Domestic flights in Poland are usually very cheap and short, so this is a great way to get around during your vacation in Poland. Here you can find all the information about how you should book flights within Poland, the airports in the country, the prices and conditions of the flight tickets and more. For your convenience, you can find in the article a flight price comparison engine, through which you can also purchase tickets for flights within Poland and manage the reservation:

Poland is a country in Central Europe with a long list of diverse destinations and a lot to see, from big cities with beautiful architecture and rich culture to spectacular nature with forests, mountains, wonderful places for hiking, and more. Here you can find information about the destinations you can fly on internal flights in Poland and when and where to order tickets. While preparing the guide, we used Kiwi’s price comparison engine, which appears here for your convenience. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the use of the price comparison engine and tips for conducting an efficient search, yielding the cheapest results that best suit your needs.

Poland has several airports, and you can easily travel between the main cities with regular and relatively cheap flights. Every year, thousands of passengers pass through more than ten domestic airports throughout Poland, from large and central airports such as Warsaw and Krakow to smaller airports such as Lodz and Lublin. And when we say that the flights in Poland are cheap, we mean that you can find flights at prices that start from about $5 (usually, the cheap prices do not include a suitcase). Most national flights in Poland are operated by the country’s national airline, Lot Polish Airlines, or the large low-cost carrier Ryanair. Flights inside Poland are usually short, with a flight time of about an hour, a little less, or a little more.

How to you book internal flights in Poland?

Flights within Poland should be booked after a comprehensive and smart price comparison on a good and reliable website that will also provide you with support and service if necessary.

Internal flights in Poland are relatively cheap and easy: the flights usually do not cost more than $40 each way (and sometimes much less), and the flight times are relatively short (an hour, more or less). So that you don’t have to spend a lot of time comparing prices for local flights in Poland, we have integrated Kiwi’s price comparison engine on this page, which is a perfect solution for booking flights for several reasons:

Operated by an old and reputable site in the field.

You can compare prices, filter results, place an order and manage an order on the same website.

You can compare prices for domestic flights in Poland with various smart functions, which will help you find a wider variety of cheap flight tickets.

There is an option to filter the results so that you don’t have to waste time searching through cards that don’t suit you.

You can use telephone customer service in English.

There is an option, already during the booking, to add travel insurance, baggage loss insurance, connection insurance, extras, and more.

The add-ons, terms, and services available for purchase may vary according to the different flight tickets and availability on the flight.

Useful tips for an effective search in Kiwi’s price comparison engine:

In the first stage of the search, which includes entering the starting point, the destination, and the dates, you can use the automatic completion, in which the search engine will offer you destinations that are close to the destination you have chosen (if you have the option of some flexibility in choosing the airport you will arrive at or take off from). You can select several airports for the search, thus getting more options.

In addition, instead of entering a specific airport, you can enter a city or state, or even a continent, to check a variety of destinations and expand the range of results.

Even in dates, if you have the option, it is recommended to allow the system to search for flights in a flexible date range. You can enter a range of dates either on departure or return, choose a specific length of stay (return), or even write “doesn’t matter” in the date boxes and thus find flights throughout the year. This way, you will get a greater number of options, and if you can be flexible with your plans, you can plan your trip to Poland according to the flight prices.

After clicking search, you should filter the results. If you need a suitcase or several suitcases, click on the small icon of the suitcase and specify how many suitcases you need, and in this way, only the tickets relevant to you in terms of baggage conditions will be presented to you.

Clicking on the various flights in the search results will show you the full flight details, and at this stage, you can add the extras you require (for example, various insurances) so that when purchasing the tickets, you will know exactly what the final price of the ticket is and what it includes.

Book airport transfers in Poland

Have you booked domestic flights in Poland? Excellent! There is one more detail, which travelers sometimes don’t think about until the ninetieth minute, but which can upgrade your landing experience and make it comfortable and relaxed, especially if you are traveling with families or large groups.

Here you can find the yellow box of KiwiTaxi – a company that cooperates with taxi and transportation companies in many countries worldwide, including Poland. Using Kiwittaxi’s service, you can pre-order a shuttle to the airport in Poland, choose the type of vehicle, add extras (such as a safety seat for toddlers or a vehicle accessible to people with disabilities) and know in advance what the fare will be, without the haggling and unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

Advantages of ordering a taxi from the airport in Warsaw, Krakow, or other major destinations in Poland, in advance:

The driver will wait for you at the meeting point with a sign bearing your name, including a certain waiting time in the price.

The price is known in advance and without surprise.

You can choose from a variety of vehicle types. For example, in the test we conducted to order a taxi from Chopin Airport with the help of Kiwitaxis, we received the following types of vehicles: a cheap economy car, a four-passenger minivan (great for families who need a spacious vehicle), a six-passenger premium minibus (more luxurious types of vehicles), a seven-passenger minibus, a luxury business vehicle and more.

You can add extras for a fee that are not always available in the 90th minute, such as a safety seat or additional waiting time.

The order is made through local transportation companies tested according to the Kiwitaxy quality standard.

Telephone service after ordering is available 24/7.

You can order a taxi from Kiwitaxi right now in the search box on this page and arrive calmer and more relaxed for your vacation in Poland.

How long before the flight should I arrive at the airport on flights inside Poland?

It is customary to arrive at the airport before flights within Poland about two hours before the flight (compared to about three hours for international flights). According to the Warsaw airport website, check-in counters will open approximately two hours before the scheduled departure time for internal flights in Poland. The recommendation is also similar to the website of Krakow airport.

We recommend checking the traffic congestion and leaving extra time in case of long queues, traffic congestion, etc., and of course, always check the updated recommendation with the airline.

Domestic airlines in Poland

The two main companies that operate national flights in Poland include the national airline of Poland, Lot Polish Airlines, and one of the oldest airlines in the world, Ryanair, one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world.

  • Lot Polish Airlines offers several tickets, from extremely cheap tickets without baggage allowance or seat selection to upgraded tickets with improved baggage conditions, seat reservations, and more. On flights under six hours, Lot Polish usually offers light refreshments and the option to purchase from the “Sky Bar” menu, but the available service may vary depending on the flight time.
  • Ryanair, another company that offers a variety of flights inside Poland, is a low-cost company with standard low-cost tickets that include a carry-on bag only and upgraded tickets with baggage allowance, free check-in at the airport, seat reservation, and more. On Ryanair flights, snacks, light meals, and drinks can usually be purchased for a fee, with variable availability depending on the flight time and destination, etc.

There is usually not enough time to serve or sell light refreshments on very short flights.

local flights in Poland from Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital of Poland and one of the main tourist destinations in the country, is a big city full of culture, architecture, good food, and a variety of places for shopping. Warsaw is also one of the best European cities for a vacation on a limited budget.

Warsaw Airport (WAW) is the main and busiest airport in Poland. It serves a considerable part of Poland’s domestic flights and is a hub for Lot Polish Airlines, which operates many flights to destinations worldwide.

Warsaw airport is conveniently located, and the travel time from Warsaw airport to the city center is about twenty minutes.

The terminal includes all the basic services necessary for passengers: lockers, lounges, car rentals, and more. Services for families at Chopin Airport include family rooms, free strollers, play areas, and more.

The terminal complex has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, duty-free shops, cosmetics, gifts, toys, convenience stores, travel, fashion, and more.

So if you are in Warsaw and want to save time and manage to see as many destinations as possible in Poland during your vacation and not spend long hours traveling, you can fly on direct, regular, and high-frequency flights to a variety of destinations:

Direct flights from Warsaw to Krakow take off daily, from morning to evening. The flight time from Warsaw to Krakow is about fifty-five minutes, and ticket prices start at about $40 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Gdansk depart several times a day. Flight time from Warsaw to Gdansk is about fifty-five minutes, and ticket prices start at about $43 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Wroclaw depart several times a day, from morning to evening. The flight time from Warsaw to Wroclaw is about fifty-five minutes, and ticket prices start at about $40 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Katowice depart several times a day. Flight time from Warsaw to Katowice is about fifty-five minutes, and ticket prices start at about $22 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Poznan depart several times a day. Flight time from Warsaw to Katowice is about fifty-five minutes, and ticket prices start at about $37 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Rzeszów depart at least twice daily, with a flight time of approximately fifty-five minutes and prices starting at approximately $37 one way.

Direct flights from Warsaw to Szczecin depart daily, in the morning and during the day. The flight time from Warsaw to Szczecin is about one hour and ten minutes, and the prices are extremely cheap, with one-way tickets for less than $10.

National flights in Poland to Krakow

Krakow is Poland’s second biggest city. It is a beautiful city with impressive European streets, historical sites, markets, beautiful churches, and relatively cheap prices.

Krakow is served by an international airport (KRK), with the largest airport passenger traffic in Poland after Warsaw.

Krakow airport is about a twenty-minute drive from the city center. You can reach a variety of destinations in Poland with cheap and comfortable flights inside Poland from Krakow.

Krakow airport is relatively small for an international airport, but modern and comfortable with some basic services: drinking water taps, cell phone charging stations, beauty salon, post office, comfortable seats for resting in the “Nap Zone,” and more.

In the terminal, there are several cafes before and after the security check. In the area after the inspection, there is also an Italian restaurant and a sandwich and toast restaurant. While waiting for the flight, there were several shops: duty-free souvenirs, local food shops, jewelry shops, toy shops, fashion, and more.

Those who want to enjoy a particularly comfortable wait can order the airport’s VIP services by pre-order and for a fee, which includes private transfers, coffee or champagne while waiting in the VIP terminal, a separate check-in process, separate waiting for her, etc.

Flights within Poland from Krakow reach a variety of destinations in Poland: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, and more.

These are some of the main airlines for internal flights in Poland that take off from Krakow:

Direct flights from Krakow to Warsaw take off daily, from morning to evening. The flight time from Krakow to Warsaw is about fifty minutes, and flight prices start at about $40 one way.

Direct flights from Krakow to Gdansk depart daily, at least once daily, and are operated by Ryanair or Lotte Polish Airlines. The flight time from Krakow to Gdansk is about one hour and ten minutes, and ticket prices start at about $5 one way.

Direct flights from Krakow to Szczecin depart about three times a week. The flight time from Krakow to Szczecin is about an hour and a quarter, and ticket prices start at about $5 one way.

Direct flights from Krakow to Bydgoszcz depart about twice a week. The flight time from Krakow to Bydgoszcz is about an hour, and ticket prices start at about $32 one way.

Flights to Katowice

Katowice in southern Poland is one of the main airports in the country.

Katowice Airport (KTW) is a major airport serving mainly seasonal flights to a variety of destinations around the world, as well as regular local flights in Poland.

Authorized direct flights to Katowice depart at least twice a day. The authorized flight time to Katowice is about fifty-five minutes.

Flights to Gdansk Poland

Gdansk is a port city, one of the largest cities in Poland, and a favorite tourist destination located on the Baltic Sea coast. An international airport serves Gdansk, Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN), a short drive from the city center and with the third largest passenger traffic in the country after Warsaw and Krakow airports. It serves mainly international seasonal flights and several regular flight lines, as well as several national flights lines in Poland:

flights from Warsaw to Gdansk are daily flights with a flight time of about fifty-five minutes.

Flights from Krakow to Gdansk are daily flights with a flight time of about one hour and ten minutes.

Direct flights from Rzeszów to Gdansk take off twice a week, with a flight time of about an hour and a quarter.

Direct flights from Lublin to Gdansk take off about three times a week, with a flight time of about one hour and five minutes.

Flights from Zielona Gora to Gdańsk depart about twice a week, with a flight time of about an hour.

Flights to Szczecin Poland

Szczecin has the largest port in Poland and is one of the largest cities in the country. A small airport serves Szczecin. Szczecin Airport (SZZ) is located approximately 45 km from the city and can be reached from several destinations by direct flights.

Szczecin can be reached by direct flights from Krakow (with about three flights a week and a flight time of about an hour and a quarter) and by direct flights from Marsh (daily flights, with a flight time of about an hour and ten minutes)

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