Airport Transfers And Taxis Made Easy

Booking a taxi or airport transfer around the world with KiwiTaxi search engine is a very simple ordeal. Just enter the point where you want them to pick you up (airport in Rome or a train station in budapest, for example) and then enter the drop off point in the next text box. Enter the number of passengers that you’ll be having and press enter. This will take you to another screen that shows you the various types of cabs that are available for use. Pick anyone that suits your needs and click on “Book”.

The next page will ask you for details regarding your flight including the flight number, date and time of arrival of the flight and your personal details. Fill of these and click on “Continue” which will take you to the payment section for payment. Once you’ve made the payment you’ve paid. The next page will show you the confirmation and any relevant details. You will also receive an email with the same confirmation.

What Is KiwiTaxi?

KiwiTaxi is an airport transfers service which is used to mostly take it’s passengers to and from one transport hub to another, or from airports to hotels. It is also used to get to another city or tourist spot from the transport hub. KiwiTaxi enable it’s users to book taxis in advance and escape the hustle and potential scams that one might encounter in a foreign city.

For example if you wanted to commute from Luton Airport To London Airport. You could book a taxi a few days before leaving for Luton.  After you reach Luton you’ll find a driver with your name on a placard waiting for you and will help you with your luggage and take you to the London airport without any hassle.

Advantages Of Booking A Taxi Using KiwiTaxi

Taxi To Airports At Fixed Times: Taxis can be booked in advance and at a fixed rate. Most taxi drivers in foreign country take advantage of tourists and charge exorbitant fares that certainly take a toll on your wallets. The fares on KiwiTaxi do not change once you have booked the taxi. The payment can also be done in various currencies so you know you’re getting what you paid for. The price of the trip is dependent on the price per kilometer and you’re assured to be taken through the shortest route so you get the best deal when booking a taxi so if you’re travelling from The Budapest airport to the train station then booking a taxi beforehand is extremely beneficial and will make sure you don’t miss your train.

If you choose to get a taxi once you’ve arrived at the airport. There are several problems like exchanging the currency and haggling with the driver. Hence KiwiTaxi is the best way to Book taxis in advance.

No Need To Talk To The Driver: KiwiTaxi is perfect for people who are travelling to a city where the language is different from theirs. For example if you need a transfer from Milan Malpensa then you don’t need to tell the driver anything since you’ve already entered the details before booking the taxi. KiwiTaxi usually tries to get english speaking drivers which makes the trip a lot easier too.

The Taxi Of Your Choice: If you’re trying to get transport from rome to another airport or destination with a family of 6 then you will need a larger vehicle. A larger vehicle that KiwiTaxi can provide.

KiwiTaxi has a fleet of several classes of cars from lower end sedans to higher end SUVs so you can be assured that you’ll find the right taxi when commuting from airport to airport or another transport hub. This gives you a massive advantage when travelling from one airport or destination to another since you’ll have the right car with you and won’t need to run around looking for an SUV taxi in a foreign city especially when time is such an important factor during connecting flights in different airports.

The Taxi Is Booked In Advance:  The carrier knows beforehand when you arrive at the airport: the taxi will already be waiting for you at the taxi rank, and the taxi driver will meet you as close to the arrivals area as the airport rules allow. The same applies to transfers from train stations and hotels: the driver will be waiting for you at the specified place, holding a sign with a client’s name on it — this is a standard of KiwiTaxi service. It is possible to order a local taxi to the airport cheaply (taxi rates are normally lower than transfer prices), but you will have to wait for the taxi cab and then look for it, which may take 10–15 minutes more than in case of a pre-booking.

In Taxi Facilities: If you’re commuting from London Airport with kids then you’ll need a child seat since travelling a car without one is something is frowned upon. KiwiTaxi can provide you with the child seat. Just tick the number of child seats that you want during the booking.

Travelling With Baggage: KiwiTaxi provides you the option of getting additional vehicle equipments to carry your baggage. This enables you to bring in things like surfboards for surfing if you’re commuting from Heraklion airport or any coastal city.

Tourist Excursion: KiwiTaxi strives to provide you with people who speak english so that they can tell you about the various culture and tourist attractions in the city and help you have an enjoyable time abroad. For example if you’re commuting from Barcelona airport then you’ll be happy to have an english driver who can tell you about the culture and tourist attractions.

Faster Travels: The KiwiTaxi after booking will be waiting for you at the airport or the train station and hence you don’t need to run around trying to find a taxi which saves valuable time. Kiwitaxi estimates that there is a minimum 10 minute faster process when booking through KiwiTaxi. So if you’re in a hurry and trying to commute from Luton To London then KiwiTaxi is the way to go.

Cheaper Commuting: It is especially palpable, if the destination is close to the airport, as our service to the hotel has the uniform tariff within city limits. However, due to the unified Kiwitaxi tariff, a trip may be even cheaper in such cities as Milan.

No Internet Needed: If you think you can just book an uber on arriving from the airport then you’ll be severely mistaken since all the Ride sharing apps require internet to work which you will not have when you just step out from the airport. So if  you were to commute from Paphos airport in Cyprus from a ride sharing app. You’d need to have internet which would be hard to aquire immediately after getting out of the airport. Kiwitaxi does not require internet for you to get your ride. Everything is finalized the moment you make the booking so your commute from Budapest or Barcelona will be smooth and without any worries.

The Workings Of KiwiTaxi

KiwiTaxi has more than 575 partner carriers in 98 Countries. All of them working under a unified model of service that treats all of it’s passengers with the utmost care. This is why it is possible to book a taxi from Luton, London, Budapest, Milano or any other city and get the exact same service. In several regions there are several partners who compete for the orders and the order is only allocated to the service with the highest rating. This rating is determined by the users and their feedback which helps the service remain at the top and weed out any bad drivers. So whether you want to commute from the Tivat Airport or travel from the Luton Airport to the London Airport. You will receive top notch service without any hiccups or issues.

Classification Of Airport Transfers

By the route:

  • a ride from an airport or any other transport hub to the city or the other way round, Ex: Commuting from Luton airport to Luton Train station.
  • an intercity taxi at pre-order,
    Ex: From your residence to the airport or vice versa.
  • a trip to the local sight.
    Ex: Commuting from your residence to a tourist spot.

By the car class:

  • Economy class (i.e. Ford Focus or Audi A3)
  • Comfort class (i.e. Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry or similar ),
  • Premium class (i.g. Mercedes C-class, BMW 7).

By passenger pick-up:

  • A private transfer with a meeting at an airport and a ride to a destination for one person or a group of related people, Ex: Commuting from Milan airport to Milan Train Station.
  • A shared transfer provided on a minibus or bus for tourists who are not related to each other, who have arrived at the airport at the approximately same time, and who need an inexpensive transfer to a place of stay.

By final destination:

  • transportation to a ski resort in vehicles designed for transporting ski equipment,
  • a ride to a hotel in a tourist place with a possible mini-excursion,
  • a trip to a beach holiday region, when water and air-conditioner are needed in a car
    And so on

Who Is This Service Designed For?

  • Tourists commuting from airports or other transport hubs to other hubs.
  • Families with children commuting from airports or other transport hubs.
  • Tourists commuting from airports with baggage.
  • People Commuting from airports or other hubs and don’t know the lay of the land.
  • People arranging a trip for relatives.

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