Rent a car in Niš (Serbia)

If you are planning a trip to Niš (Serbia) there are no doubts that this is a city where you can find everything you need. Probably that you are landing on a Niš airport. This means you don’t have a car. No worries, there are some affordable and reliable car rental companies in Niš.

Price will, of course, vary depending on the car type and the rental period.

When it comes to 7 or 9 seats car hire in Niš, you can find take a minivan from the Surprice agency. The price for 1 day hire is 156,61e.  For 11 days hire the price is reduced to 1454, 25e. The car which are available for this number of persons is Renault Traffic.

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The ranking for this vehicle is 8,6 out of 10, which is great. The agency will get the tanker full and it’s your duty to get it back in the same condition. Also, Surprice will send someone to drive you this minivan to the airport and will help you to get to the right place.

Talking about smaller cars, the renting price for a day goes from 33,39e for the Fiat 500, again in the Surprice agency. Of course, there are some more rent a car agencies in Niš, such as MegaRent, GreenMotion, Europcar, Hertz, Avis and Firefly.

The advantage of Surprice is that they will have the car driven to the airport and take you there, while with the other agencies, you would have to find the agency stand at the terminal. They also have the most competitive prices in this area.

Here are some other cars that you can rent in these car rental in Niš agencies :

  • Skoda Citigo – from 44,62e/day in MegaRent
  • Volkswagen Up – from 44,62e/day in GreenMotion
  • Chevrolet Spark (mini) – from 51,36e/day in Hertz
  • Hyundai i10 (mini) – from 85,42e/day Firefly

Just to remark, all of the cars and estimated with the minimum rating 8 or higher.

If you would choose something average but suitable and comfortable, you should go with cars such as:

  • Volkswagen Polo – from 35,24/ day in Surprice (notion: the same car can be found in the MegaRent agency but at a higher price of 45,56e/day). This is an economy class.
  • Ford Focus – from 45,56e/ day in Surprice (notion: the same car can be found in the MegaRent agency at a higher price of 51,41e/day and in the Europcar for 71,10e/day)
  • Opel Astra – from 62,33e In Hertz
  • Skoda Octavia – from 83,34e/day in GreenMotion
  • Hyundai i30 – from 102, 09e/day in Firefly

Big cars you can rent in Niš are Skoda Octavia model in GreenMotion and MegaRent agencies for 83,34e/day.

Here you can rent only one type of caravan vehicle is Skoda Rapid Spaceback at Surprice for 64,72e/day.

Talking about premium class cars there is Dacia Duster, which can also be found at Surprice for 155,32e/day, with a score of 8,6/10.

Dacia Duster is at the same time most expensive car you can hire in this city (not consideration minivans), but besides, if the price matters, choose one of these:

  • Hyundai i30 – from 102, 09e/day in Firefly
  • Opel Corsa – 90,74e/day in Firefly(notion: the same car is rented by GreenMotion for 45,56e/day or at Hertz for 55,39e/day and this is the economy class).
  • Ford Fiesta – 90,60e in Surprice(considered as the economy class)

When we are talking about car rental in Niš for a period of 7 days or more Europcar has some special car offers. Some examples:

  • Volkswagen Golf Diesel – 542,78e/8/days
  • Audi A4 Diesel – 709,01e/8days
  • BMW X1 – 820,96e/8days (SUV)
  • Audi A6 Diesel With GPS – 848,10e/8days (lux)
  • BMW 5-series With GPS – 874,10/8days (premium)

Another agency here is Avis. Just a little remark, its scores aren’t as high as the other agency. The rating is 7.4, which is lower than 8. Some of their offers:

  • Citroen C3 – 238,60e/8days
  • Mercedes – Benz A- Class – 361,86e/8days
  • Ford Mondeo – 503,21e/8days

All of the agencies offer you a possibility to rent a car in the city and then leave it in another one, or cross the border with it and leave it in the airport. Countries available to travel to with rented car are Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovakia. Of course, this will be charged, around 300e in each agency.

car rental in NišAgencies information

Surprice agency offers you free cancelation or change of the booking, theft protection and car insurance. You also have airport tax, road assistance, local and road taxes. Note that some local billing is not included in the price and you would have to pay it separately.

The agency is situated in the Constantine The Great Airport in Medosevac. Their phone number for all the information is +381642210810.

Similar terms are established in MegaRent , working from 8am till 8pm 7 days a week. They are also located in the airport. Their call center telephone number is +441618366749 working from Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm.

Europcar working hours are from 8am till 8pm and you can do a reservation through the phone number +381184297100. Europcar doesn’t have a free cancellation, and that is the case with Hertz agency also. This is the same case with following agencies also.

  • Hertz agency is located in Vazduhoplovaca 24, Crveni Krst, Niš. Their phone number is +3814520260.
  • Firefly is situated in Strahinjica Bana 3, working from 8am till 8pm. Call them on +38118528852.
  • Avis is based in Trg Kralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja 2A and all information all availableon +381184525202.

It is said that the minimum age for the car hire is 21, but there are usually some additional fees if the driver is less than 30 and older than 65.

 Tourist Guide

Skull tower is definitely something you just have to see if you are visiting Niš. As its name says, it is made of skulls of the soldiers who fought in the rebellion. It represents human brtuality and starvation. It is situated in the very center of the city. Wherever your accomodation is in the city, it is maximum 3km far away.

Bubanj Memorial Park is another history mark. This park represents Nazi oppression against Serbs. Three fists in this park are made as symbols of one family. The hill is 10mins away if you are going there by car.

Niš Fortess is also very close to everything, as it is in the center. Lots of nice cafes, the river and the building itself will impress you for sure.

Sićevačka Canyon is around 17km far from Niš, on the way to Sofia, Bulgaria. One of two hydroelectric plants here is in charge of producing the city with electricity. It would be nice to visit Saint Petka’s church here also.

Parking in Niš

Finding a parking lot in the city is pretty easy. The city itself is separated in different parking zones, depending on the closeness to the center.

One day ticket in the red zone is charged around 5$ and in the green one around 3.7$.

Hourly tickets are separated as extra ones-0.8$/hour, red one 0,5$ for the first hour and each hour after that is charged 1.5$ and the green zone is charged 0.37$/hour.

Parking is free on Sundays.

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