Domestic Flights in Indonesia

Purchasing internal flights in Indonesia is becoming more popular every year as there are more flights within Indonesia and their related rates increase constantly. This opens the door to a lot of people who want to discover new cities and places in Indonesia, a country where flights are more important than normally due to its islands’ structure.

Below you will find the best engine for flights within Indonesia, where you can get the best deals. Remember that you should write in the origin box where you are starting your trip, and in the destination box the city where you are going to. In case you do not have a preference, just type “Indonesia” as destination and the engine will automatically show you the best offers inside the country.

The same happens with the trip dates. Let the engine find which are the most attractive dates to make your trip. This way, you will probably find a price you were not expecting, allowing you to save a good quantity of money from your budget. However, you need to be conscious that the price shown is the starting price. This means that it will include the lowest fare, with the worst flight conditions (luggage, seat selection…).

It is easier to find good and cheap flights thanks to Kiwi search engine that help you get the lowest available fares for your preferred dates. This way, it is more accessible than ever to discover Jakarta’s modern capital, Bali’s paradisiacal island, or the frenetic Surabaya.

There are some companies that operate internal flights in Indonesia, so with a good flight search engine able to compare thousands of different alternatives, you will always get the best deal for your desired trip. The most popular domestic airlines in Indonesis are Lion Air, Super Air Jet, and Indonesia AirAsia.

Booking domestic flights in Indonesia – Tips

As it was said in the previous paragraphs, with this flight search engine you will be able to find the best deals for flights inside Indonesia. You only need to select your preferred destination and the airport for the departure, indicating how many bookings you want to make, and the dates you want to travel.

And remember that, if you do not have this information and you are only thinking about getting a good price and finding out which destinations are available within your budget, you can get a very low price by just selecting “Indonesia” and “Anytime” in the departure box to get the best offers for internal flights in Indonesia.

Booking airport transfer in Indonesia

Once you get to your destination’s airport after successfully booking your flight inside Indonesia, you should consider getting a private shuttle to get to the city, and arrive at the hotel.

AIrport transfers have a lot of advantages. First, it is completely private and you do not have to share it with anybody. Second, it goes straight to the destination, which means that you will not lose any time with stops and other transports’ low pace.

So, transfers are the perfect alternative to reach the city. Also, it is great to get back to the airport and not worry about public transport schedules and not making it into the plane. Therefore, if you want to book a private transfer after your flight, you can use the search engine below to get the best price out of all the possible options.

Using the Kiwitaxi search engine to book a taxi to the airport

The KiwiTaxi search engine is perfect to find that ride you need once you get to the airport. Remember that this is not a last-minute service like a regular taxi, so you should make the reservation before the flight. Plus, booking it previously has some great advantages:

  • You will get a better price than the price you would pay there.
  • You are sure about getting that ride. Otherwise, you take the risk of finding a lack of taxis at the moment of your arrival.
  • Both driver and passengers know the final destination beforehand and the time of arrival, so the route can be planned, reducing the risks.
  • It is the best option for large groups of people. You can book the type of vehicle you want with the Kiwitaxi Search Engine, so you do not have to wait a long time for a bigger vehicle at the airport.
  • Kiwi’s customer service will be available for you in case there is an incident, you have any questions or you need help. It is undoubtedly the best possible choice to be protected after your flight within Indonesia.

It is extremely easy to use. You only have to select the number of passengers, where will your driver pick you up, and where will take you. After that, select the time and date you need the service and if you want a driver who is aged between 35 and 60.

The engine will show you a great variety of different available cars for you, with all the needed specifications such as the usable space for luggage, the kilometers included, or even the different valuations each car has received in the past. You can sort the vehicles by price and other factors as well.

KiwiTaxi will let you have a private shuttle after your flight within Indonesia so you can use it to go to the hotel, to visit the city’s most popular museums, or for the purpose you want. It is up to you!

Domestic Airlines in Indonesia

Next, you will find a comparison of the airlines that operate flights within Indonesia, so you can know more about them in case you have never heard their names. These are the most important domestic airlines in Indonesia by market share:

  1. Lion Air (41.6%)
  2. Garuda Indonesia (23.5%)
  3. Sriwijaya Air (10.4%)
  4. Citilink (8.9%)
  5. Wings Air (4.7%)
  6. Indonesia AirAsia (4.4%)
  7. Others (6.5%)

And these are the airlines in Indonesia with more number of destinations:

  1. Garuda Indonesia – 69
  2. Lion Air – 63
  3. Sriwijaya Air – 38
  4. Citilink – 21
  5. Metro Batavia – 18
  6. Indonesia AirAsia – 17

And we can conclude that the airlines among them that make more domestic flights in Indonesia are Lion Air, Citilink, Garuda Indonesia, and Indonesia Air Asia.

Flights in Indonesia – Compare Prices and Explanations

We will go over the best available flights inside Indonesia in this section, comparing them and proposing to you the most attractive alternatives at the lowest possible price. Note that we have made the calculation for the month of September, and we have chosen the lowest fare to get a good price for you. However, you can always look for the destination you want with the included options you need.

The international airport in Jakarta is the Soekarno–Hatta International (CGK), and it is where the majority of the flights within Indonesia take off. However, there is another airport in the capital of Indonesia: the Halim Perdana Kusuma (HLP), so we need to be careful about this.

While the first one, the CGK is 28,8 kilometers away from the center of Jakarta, the HLP airport is 20,3 kilometers away. However, as we said, CGK is a way better option than HLP because most domestic and international flights are operated in CGK, leaving HLP for only some companies, mainly low-cost operators.

Also, HLP has very bad transport communication: there is no train or bus (apart from the airport shuttle and the car rental services) that goes to this airport, while CGK is connected 24 hours and 7 days a week by different transport methods, apart from the option of the private shuttle that you will always have.

The first cheap destination we have found for September is the Ahmad Yani International (SRG), in Semarang. This offer includes a round-trip ticket of 5 days of difference for only $97 from Monday, September 19th to Saturday, September 24th.

There are around 8 daily flights from Jakarta to Semarang operated by different companies: mainly Lion Air, Citilink, Garuda Indonesia, and Batik Air.

And this is only one of the multiple and different options that you can find at that price. Now you have to check what is more convenient for you. Remember that as well as we could do these comparisons, you can do it too with the flight search engine for flights inside Indonesia we have presented you.

Another popular destination is Yogyakarta, which is a must for both visitors and residents in Indonesia. The airport is the Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), and there are tons of flights every day.

Yogyakarta is situated in central Java and it is famous because it is one of the most important cities in the country for its literature, culture, and intellectuality. It is a historic place with very relevance in Indonesia’s independence war, limited by a volcano in the North and the Indian Ocean in the South. As a curiosity, it has the largest Buddhist temple in the world: Borobudur.

This is the best option we have found for middle September. 5 days in Yogyakarta for only $108, definitely one of the best trips you can make from Jakarta… and there are plenty of options like the one we show you ahead at that same price range: flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta usually fly daily. The majority of the flights are operated by Super Air Jet and Lion Air.

Medan could not be missed in this summary. Situated in the North of Sumatra Island, it is the third most populated city in Indonesia and has dozens of flights every day operated by Lion Air. This means that you will find the option you need with the schedule that meets your necessities for sure.

So, if you want to finally visit the popular Mosque of Medan and the history behind the streets of the city, we strongly advise you to use the flight search engine too and discover what it has for you. As you can see, there is no better option to find out internal flights in Indonesia that can take you from Jakarta to astonishing cities like Semarang, Yogyakarta, Medan, and many more (if there are something more than enough in Indonesia cities, places, and historic monuments to visit).

Internal flights from Bali

Bali’s airport is called Denpasar Ngurah Rai International (DPS). Although you may think that the airport is located in Denpasar (Bali’s capital) because of its name, that is not the reality. Actually, the airport is in Tuban (Kuta), in the South of the island.

Bali is well-known as the most exciting and lovely place in Indonesia, and also the most visited place by international tourists. Beautiful landscapes, deep cultural popular support, temples that seem taken from a movie… It is impossible to not fall in love with Bali.

To start with, we have found this incredible offer to spend 5 nights in Bali from Surabaya. The getaway of your dreams: for only $95 you can be in Bali in less than an hour from Surabaya, making this flight operated by Lion Air one of the best internal flights in Indonesia.

Now, the most popular trip is from the capital of the country, Jakarta. You will find a lot of flights every day so you will find the perfect flight to visit Bali. They are indeed more expensive, but there is not a huge difference from other prices you will find in the flight search engine.

This time we present you with this combination that includes a 3-night stay on the island with good schedules for both flights. For only $145, these flights mainly operated once again by Lion Air, will let you go all over the huge existing distance between the islands. Remember the price will go up according to the distance. For example, flights from Medan to Bali are way more expensive as the distance is much bigger.

As it is the most popular destination in Jakarta, you will be able to find the combination of days you need too. For instance, you can freely set the number of nights spent at Bali as there are limitless opportunities.

Finally, we suggest one more flight within Indonesia with Bali as its final destination. This time, we have studied the Bandung-Bali connection. Almost 3 million people live in Bandung, which means that there will be a lot of people aiming to discover the secrets of Bali for sure.

We have found this 4-day weekend in Bali for $152 for each round trip ticket. Operated by Lion Air and by Indonesia AirAsia, you will need to seriously consider this offer as it looks very irresistible to us.

Remember that these are only some examples of what you can find with this incredible flight search engine for flights within Indonesia we introduced you to at the beginning of this article. We recommend you do a little research so you can check out yourself the multiple offers there are for you. You will see that discovering those incredible places in Indonesia you always heard about are only some buckets away.

More information on BaliCar rental in Bali

Domestic flights from Medan

There are many things to visit in Medan, as you know, one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. Here you will find a delightful and varied cuisine that is a result of the mixture of different cultures.

Another interesting mixture is the combination of the past and the present: in Medan, you will find old governmental buildings and modern shopping centers. And if you love nature, lake Toba is very near to the city which is the largest volcanic lake in the world, so you cannot miss it.

As you can see, Medan is a very important city, which means that we will find a lot of flights within Indonesia starting at its airport: the Kualanamu International (KNO).

To start with, we have searched flights to another important city in the country like Batam and its airport: Hang Nadim (BTH). Batam is well-known as one of the most modern places in Indonesia.

As it is very close to Singapur, this city is highly visited by their tourist every weekend. Its composition is very unique: there are three main islands (Batam, Rempang y Galang), and many other small ones. All of them offer an extraordinary offer of adventure sports in contact with pure nature like diving, cycling, or hiking, combined with luxurious golf courses and wooded beaches that make Batam a necessary place to go when you travel inside Indonesia.

We have found this 3-night trip from Medan to Batam for only $105. Once again, this flight is completely operated by Lion Air, which is one of the main flight companies in the country as you can check. This time, you will be able to visit two amazing and astonishing places for a little more than 100 bucks.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to another connection between two of the most important cities in Indonesia. The Medan-Bandung connection is very important, not only for tourism but for business trips as well (both cities are key centers for industry and development). This is what makes this route one of the most demanded internal flights in Indonesia.

After running this great flight search engine, we found this nice 5-night trip from Medan to Bandung, operated by Lion Air and with around 2 hours and 30 minutes of duration each direct flight. It is a bit more expensive than the rest of the offers we have found before (the cheapest combination for September is $167, from the 4th until the 9th). This is because there are not many options to make this itinerary: only two flights a day, both at sunrise (between 6-7 AM) although they are the third and fourth cities by population in Indonesia.

It has been proven that with just a little dedication and spending some time with the flight search engine, you can find amazing prices for your flights inside Indonesia. Also, domestic flights are usually cheaper than international ones.

This is why we recommend using Kiwi to purchase your next trip. They have helped millions of people to get the best available price and to show them which are the best dates to travel. Now it is your time to do it. And remember that you can always count on us if you need any help! We will see you in Indonesia!

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