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In this article, you will find all the information you need to compare prices and book domestic flights in China. We will present to you a special search engine to compare flights within China, and we will supply special tips to help you find the best deals on internal flights in China and help you find airport transfers in China even before landing.

You can use the kiwi flights engine below on this page to book flights to China from your country and also to compare prices of china’s domestic flights and book cheap airline tickets, you can use the search engine shown below Make sure you enter your flight destination and departure city accurately, as well as the desired price range, to get relevant results for you. If you want to see all the options of domestic flights in China from a particular city to all other destinations in China, enter the city name in the field “Origin”, and in the “Target” field, select “China” to see all the options.

The unique landscapes, vibrant cities and fascinating culture of the East cause many travelers to fall in love with China and embark on unparalleled fascinating journeys. When you want to go on a trip to the Far East and get to know China as you never thought you would, because of China’s vast distances between attractive tourist destinations, you should start planning a trip to China with a thorough and accurate search of domestic flights in China that will allow you to get from point to point quickly and make the most of China.

It is important to remember that China is a huge country, so you may want to think about integrating some local flights in China to make the most of your stay in the country.

Many airlines operate domestic flights in China and serve travelers from all over the world, enabling you to reach any point in China in the most efficient and fast flight route.

Booking airport transfers in China

Upon landing at China Airport, you probably want to make the most of the days and hours of your trip to China. You can pre-book an airport transfer from China Airport directly to the hotel from a lucrative and recommended private company. You can also stop by a taxi at the airport itself and in central locations you can also use taxi service apps.

However, it is important to remember that taxi fares in China are higher in apps due to rush hour travel or special taxi fares. Also, when special taxis with child safety seats or accessible taxis are needed, make sure you get exactly the service you need. For this reason, we recommend using KiwiTaxi’s airport transfer reservation services. The internet service is quite simple and allows you, through a quick search, to get a complete breakdown of all types of taxis at your destination. The search shows you the average travel time, travel costs and types of taxis available in your area. To Use the search engine type in a destination name and origin in general (not an adress), such as Hong Kong or Hong Kong Airport.

Use the Kiwitaxi search engine to book a taxi to China airport:

The KiwiTaxi site allows you to book taxis from China’s airport or to arrange a taxi from allmost any point to any point within the country itself. Whether it’s a short or long trip, the service has some significant benefits:

The price is clear and you already know from the initial search phase. You can pay for the ride in credit card through the website or the taxi driver on the day of the trip itself. There is a wide range of vehicles, ranging from compact vehicles to minibusses to large groups. The service is great for families with children who need to ensure the use of safety seats on each trip or book more spacious vehicles.

Planning your next trip to China carefully

China is a huge country with many dozens of attractions, tourist sites, important cities to visit and more. The most important secret about planning a trip in China is order and organization throughout the search process. The ideal situation for you is to create a very accurate itinerary for all days of travel so you don’t waste your time searching for flights or creating a route from anywhere. When you create the perfect trip in China, you first want to refer to the must-visit places you want to visit and calculate the distances between the big cities you will be staying in. Once you get a general idea of โ€‹โ€‹the nature of the trip you want to create, you can start looking for your flights within China.

Due to the sheer size of China, most tourists visiting China now choose to invest resources to purchase airline tickets for domestic flights in China instead of transporting public transport such as buses or trains between major cities. Landline transport can take you at least several days because travel distances are huge, so it can be a waste of time for the average tourist. The wide variety of internal flights in China works to your advantage as tourists. It allows you to find flights within China at a convenient cost.

All you have to do for you is just plan your trip as efficiently as possible, which will save you time and allow you to take advantage of every moment of your stay in China. To help you through the search process, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the main lines of domestic flights in China below so you can begin to compile a travel itinerary in China that will be convenient for all participants in the trip but also very effective in terms of your needs and requirements on this trip.

Does a domestic flight in China also include a suitcase?

Usually, Low Cost flights do not include luggage of any kind, even when it comes to domestic flights in China, and you are required to purchase at an additional cost the possibility of boarding a luggage plane. It is also important to note that in these cases, you can pay for the exact weight of the suitcase for each suitcase you want to bring to the aircraft (for example, a trolley or 23kg suitcase).

In the growing airport market, there is a huge variety of flight options to suit every passenger and his or her personal needs. The baggage conditions on each flight vary according to the airline’s settings, safety settings and the type of ticket you purchased for this trip. For this reason, it is important to pay close attention when looking for internal flights in China for general flight conditions and understand exactly what the baggage options are on the ticket you purchased.

If you find yourself at the check-in position at the airport when you do not have the right to a luggage flight ticket, you may pay a higher price than if you pre-book. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to look further into the suitcase topic during the initial search phase. Worth knowing – When you search for flights through the Kiwi search engine, you can already in the first step of booking, and even before you pay for the ticket, know if the ticket includes a suitcase or not and you can see what the cost of adding luggage of sorts Various.

How long before take-off should i arrive to the airport for domestic flights in China?

One of the most pressing stages of any trip is arriving at the airport. On the one hand, you do not want to get to the field too early and find yourself sitting in front of the check-in counter. On the other hand, arriving at the airport to late may cause you to miss the flight. As with any trip around the globe, even for local flights in China, the best recommendation would be to clearly check with the airline what procedures are required for flights you are interested in.

In general, travelers in flights within China are recommended to arrive at the airport about one and a half to two hours before the estimated flight time. That way, you have plenty of time to go through the entire flight registration process and the required security checks. On international flights, of course, the requirement will be even earlier. At the same time, our recommendation is to get out early to get there on time even if there are traffic jams on the way or there is a delay in public transport.

Local flights in China – Compare prices and information for travelers

In this article, we will introduce you to a number of airports and liness for domestic flights in China. In addition, comparisons of flights within China were conducted using the Kiwi search engine. The conditions of baggage on each flight vary according to the type of company and the services.

Of course – you can also search for the most suitable flights inside China for you with the help of the Kiwi flight search engine (at the top of this page).

Domestic flights in China

The sheer variety of attractions to visit in China allows you as tourists to create unforgettable daily experiences. But in order to plan for the ultimate itinerary for your vacation, you must plan ahead in time for the flight itinerary. For this very reason, we have compiled for you, with the help of the Kiwi Flight Comparison engine, a detailed guide of all flight options between major cities in China, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet. All prices and details are correct as of this writing.

Flights within China from Beijing

The Chinese capital, Beijing, has one major airport (Beijing Capital), which was built specifically for the 2008 Olympic Games. The airport has three terminals and is located about 25 kilometers outside the Beijing Market Center. There are bus services in the airport that allow you to easily travel from place to place, and due to the sheer size, there are several activity centers that can help you pass the time up to the flight. Each terminal at the airport has a large, invested duty-free duty as well as a vibrant cultural and dining center. So you can spend hours until boarding at ease.

Some of the most popular routes that you can find for internal flights in China from Beijing are stated below:

Flights to Hong Kong from Beijing – From Beijing, you can fly to Hong Kong on direct daily flights operated by airlines such as Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Dragon, or Cathay Pacific. Flight time from Beijing to Hong Kong is about three hours and forty-five minutes. The cheapest price for a flight can be found at Cathay Pacific.

Flights to Shanghai from Beijing – You can also get from Beijing to Shanghai city. The duration of the flight is about two hours and ten minutes. There are daily domestic flights in China on this line of airlines such as Cathay Dragon and China Eastern Airlines . The cheapest flight from Beijing to Shanghai can be found in Air China.

Flights to Macau from Beijing  – You can take a flight from Beijing to Macau city as well. Air China operates these flights daily. Today, at least 20 daily flights operate in this line, with the cheapest flight costing about 220 $.

Flights from Hong Kong to China

Hong Kong International Airport is named by locals Chek Lap kok, named for the island that populate the airport. The port opened for commercial operations in 1998 and operates two major terminals that cater to all flights to Hong Kong. The airport hosts many domestic airlines in China such as Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong Airlines, and Cathay Pacific, which is its home port. Hong Kong International Airport is located approximately 34 miles northwest To Hong Kong.

You can get direct flights to Hong Kong and from there continue to other destinations on a variety of flights inside China with domestic airlines. These are some of China’s domestic flights from Hong Kong –

Flights from Hong Kong to Beijing – You can fly to Beijing Airport through Hong Kong Airlines. The company operates about 21 daily flights.

Flights from Hong Kong to Guangzhou  – Within an hour’s flight from Hong Kong Airport you can reach Guangzhou City. Some airport transfers allow you to reach the city center at all hours of the day. Cathay Dragon Airlines takes daily flights within China in this line. It is also important to note that Cathay Pacific also operates this airline and provides passenger services.

Flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai – There are several domestic airlines in China that provide flights within China on this airline. The average flight time between Hong Kong and Shanghai is one hour and 45 minutes, and there are daily flights at every stage of the day.

Vitejet Air and Vietnam Airlines provide the cheapest (round-trip) flight. Xiamen Air also operates on this line and provides service to customers.

Flights from Macau to destinations in China

Macau International Airport is the one of the most popular airports in China and it local domestic flights from China to Macao for a very wide range of destinations inside China. The airport has an area of โ€‹โ€‹one hundred ninety-two acres and regularly carries about six million passengers a year. Traditionally, cheap airlines love to land at this airport because of the cheap airfare there and so you will find many low-cost airlines operating regular lines to the airport in Macau. The airport has a very wide range of services which include local fruit shops and international brands, fast food stands and restaurants, airport lounge and more.

From Macau airport you can reach flights within China to popular destinations such as:

Flights from Macau to Beijing – You can only reach from the Macau area to Beijing Airport in 3 hours. From Macau Airport, flights depart for Beijing at three major airlines: Shenzhen Airlines, Air China and Air Macau. The cheapest flight from Air Macau.

Flights from Macau to Nanjing – From Macau Airport to Nanjing Airport, you can arrive on an internal flight in China which takes an average of about three hours and fifteen minutes. Eastern China Airlines provides the cheapest airline services. Also, Air Macau also operates on this line and provides fairly fair competition.

Flights from Macau to Ningbo – From Macau Airport to Ningbo Airport, flights operate at two major airlines. The average flight duration is about two hours and you can find round-trip flights at prices starting at 100 $. The line operating companies are Shenzhen Airlines and Spring Airlines.

Flights from Macau to Shanghai – If you want to reach prosperous Shanghai and also get to know the surrounding cities, you can board a short two-hour and twenty-minute flight from Macau to Shanghai International Airport (PVG). You can find the cheapest flight through Juneyao Airlines. In addition, other domestic airlines in China operating flights in this line include Spring Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Air Macau.

Flights in China from Tibet

Tibet is an autonomous province within the control of the Republic of China. Tibet has a new airport that opened in 2013 and is considered one of the highest airports in the world. Daocheng Yading Airport, or its code name LXA, connects the remote province to the rest of China and allows you to book domestic flights in China as well as international flights to familiarize you with this wonderful area. On average, there are about 280,000 passengers a year at this airport and it operates thanks to two major airlines: Tibet Airlines and Air China. You can get from Tibet Airport to the following cities:

Flights from Tibet to Shanghai – In order to connect the remote Tibet province to central China, in recent years flights from Tibet to Shanghai have started operating. The direct flight takes 7 hours and 25 minutes and is operated by Tibet Airlines.

Flights from Tibet to Chengdu – Chengdu City is the largest city in China closest to Tibet province and the main destination to connect to is the new Tibet Airport. If in the past the bus ride from Tibet to Chengdu took two days, nowadays you can arrive on a flight from Chengdu to Tibet. The cheapest flight is operated by Tibet Airlines and Air China Airlines together.

Domestic flights in China from Shanghai

Shanghai is the second-largest city in China and is, therefore, a very popular tourist destination. For this very reason, Shanghai has two major airports serving flights within China as well as foreign flights. Pudong International Airport, which hosts most of the international flights to the city, and Hongqiao Airport, where most of the domestic flights depart from Shanghai.

Pudong Airport is about 40 kilometers east of Shanghai city and offers a wide range of services for travelers on international flights.

Hongqiao Airport is located about 12 kilometers west of Shanghai and has undergone a massive change in recent years to accommodate the volume of internal flights in China that have grown in recent years. There are many airlines operating at this airport and it holds two different terminals for the benefit of domestic flights in China.

Flights from Shanghai to Beijing – Two and a half hours from Shanghai you can reach the first largest city in China, Beijing’s capital city. There are many airlines operating this airline and countless regular flights departing every day and connecting the two major cities. The cheapest flight at the time of writing is Hainan Airlines. Also flights are operated by the china eastern alliance, and Juneyao Airlines.

Flights from Shanghai to Macau – In a two-hour and 35-minute flight, you can get from Shanghai to Macau in southern China. There are two airlines operating flights to Macau from Shanghai and both Spring Airlines and Juneyao Airlines, which operate the cheapest flight.

Flights from Shanghai to Hong Kong – When you want to get from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you can do this on a two-hour and 25-minute flight. Many domestic airlines in China operate on this line, including Spring Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and more. The cheapest Hong Kong flight from Hong Kong search engine Kiwi was found at Hong Kong Airlines.

Flights within China from Hangzhou

If you want to know the wild nature of China in its raw form, you must reach the Anjou region or its Chinese name: Hangzhou. The airport, which is a very short distance from the city, allows you to take a few days’ concentrated strolls and discover wonderful views. At this port, major airlines such as Air China and Hebei Airlines operate, and flights within China can be found around the clock.

These are the top destinations for domestic flights in China from Anjou Airport:

Domestic flights to Beijing from Hangzhou – the average flight time between Anzhou and Beijing is about two and a half hours. The airport operates direct flights from air china.

Domestic flights to Nantong from Hangzhou – Nantong is the largest city next to Anjou city. The average flight duration is about one hour. Anzhu Airport (WNZ) leaves about 10 flights connecting the cities each day. Hebei Airlines operates the cheapest flight at round-trip.

A domestic flight to Hong Kong from Hangzhou – to reach the southern part of China and discover the wonderful world of the largest city in the region, Hong Kong, you can take a direct flight that will take you to the area in two and a half hours. The only airline that provides this service is Hong Kong Express Airways, and it operates 15 daily flights between the two cities.

Domestic flights to Macau from Hangzhou – a two-and-a-quarter-minute flight away is the city of Macau, which has an unparalleled tourist experience, with dozens of casinos and tourist attractions. The airlines operating the lines are Spring Airlines and Juneyao Airlines. The cheapest flight is issued by Spring Airlines.

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