Flights within South Korea – the Complete Guide

To the delight of those planning a trip to South Korea, various South Korean airlines operate flights within South Korea. Domestic flights in South Korea are short flights, about one hour and ten minutes, reaching several central cities.

How do you book domestic flights in South Korea?

Nowadays, you can easily order plane tickets for South Korean domestic flights. As with any purchase, even for tickets for South Korean flights inside the country, it is always advisable to compare prices between the offers of the different companies before the purchase. One of the most convenient ways to do this is through the price comparison engine, Kiwi, you can find below.

Once you find the tickets that suit you at the most affordable price, you can also purchase them quickly and conveniently through Kiwi’s system. When booking a ticket for a domestic flight in South Korea from Kiwi, you can search for a domestic flight without a specified destination (defining the goal as “South Korea” in this case). In this case, the system will offer you destinations according to price, popularity, vacation style at the goal, and more. If you know the flight route you are interested in, you can enter the starting point and destination in the search box and thus receive only the relevant results.

Suppose you are booking a connection flight through Kiwi that includes a self-transfer connection (independent check-in during the connection that is not covered by the airline). In that case, you should check Kiwi’s Kiwi Guarantee connection insurance to protect connections, which can be added during the booking. Also, during the reservation, you can add travel insurance from AXA (a known international company in the field), luggage packages, and even Blue Ribbon baggage loss insurance.

After the order, you can manage the order with the help of and use their customer service if necessary.

How do you order taxis from the airport in South Korea?

Ordering airport transfers in Jeju, Seoul, Busan, or any other airport in South Korea is usually a simple operation. Most of the time, you can hail a taxi at a station located in the field, but there are advantages to ordering a taxi at the airport in South Korea in advance.

On this page, you can use the Kiwitaxi service to search for a taxi from the airport in South Korea or other central destinations and make the order right now to ensure that your trip from the airport to the hotel where you will be staying will be as comfortable and fast as possible.

Booking a shuttle in advance has added value, especially when it comes to a family trip in South Korea that is not always available when booking a taxi in the last minute, such as the ability to choose a specific type of vehicle (a minivan for large groups, a family car, a premium business vehicle, etc.), to request in advance the addition of a child safety seat (maybe involves an additional charge) and of course know the pre-determined price. In addition, the driver already knows where he is going and usually even waits for you at the meeting point with a sign bearing your name. You will be able to know how many pieces of luggage are included in the order and even add during the order bottles of water that will be waiting for you in the car (which may involve an additional fee). Please note that the order terms may change, but during the demand from Kiwitaxi, all the essential details are usually clearly displayed.

Domestic Airlines in South Korea

Korean Air

South Korea’s major airline is Korean Air. Its main base is at Incheon Airport in Seoul, and besides a long list of international flights, the company also operates domestic flights in South Korea to several destinations.

The company has a large fleet of large Air Bus and Boeing aircraft.

Korean Air operates most Home flights in South Korea, including several daily flights from Seoul to Busan, from Seoul to Jeju, and more.

Korean Air is a full-service airline that offers a variety of ticket types in which the terms of the changes vary according to the price.

Air Seoul

Air Seoul is a low-cost Korean airline, a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines.

It mainly operates international flights to destinations in Asia and South Korean domestic flights to destinations such as Jeju, Seoul, Busan, and more. Air Seoul has a fleet of several Airbus A321 aircraft. Air Seoul allows you to reserve seats in advance or 2 connected centers for an additional fee.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is a long-established South Korean airline that operates domestic flights in South Korea as well as international flights. It has a large fleet of giant Airbus and Boeing aircraft and uses a variety of daily flights within Korea to destinations that include Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Daegu, and more.

Asiana Airlines is a full-service airline.

Jeju Air

Jeju Air is a low-cost South Korean airline. Its main base is in Jeju City, operating domestic flights and flights to several international destinations. Its aircraft fleet is mainly Boeing 737 aircraft.

Jeju Air offers flight tickets of several types, from extremely cheap and without baggage allowance, to upgraded flex tickets that include baggage allowance and better change conditions. It is sometimes possible to purchase “biz light” tickets for more spacious seats, boarding, and check-in with priority, better baggage conditions, etc., on Jeju Air domestic flights.

T’way air

T’way air is a low-cost South Korean airline. It operates international flights mainly from various countries in Asia, as well as internal flights in South Korea. Its aircraft fleet includes Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft.

flights within South Korea by T’way air reaches several cities, including Jeju, Seoul, Daegu, and more.

On T’way air flights, you can bring a folding stroller with a cover without a basket (up to a specific size) on the plane, or if it is more significant than an everyday stroller, it can be sent as checked baggage. In addition, hot meals can be ordered on flights (according to availability, which varies depending on the destination) in advance and for a fee. It is also possible to reserve seats on T’way air flights in advance, usually for an additional fee: front seats, more spacious premium seats, etc.

Internal flights in South Korea with children

Generally, the airlines in South Korea allow flying with one baby up to two years old without a separate seat when it is not necessary to pay for a ticket for the baby (but it is usually required to make a reservation for it). However, you should check with the airline about the conditions for flying with a baby in South Korea.

flights within South Korea from Seoul

Two airports serve Seoul. Incheon, from which mainly international flights depart, and Gimpo airport, which operates primarily flights within South Korea but also serves some destinations in Asia.

Incheon Airport (ICN) is located about an hour’s drive from the city center, and you can reach it there to the city by the limousine bus that reaches significant destinations, the Railroad Express train (AREX), subway, taxi, or by rental car (there are car rental companies in the complex).

It is a large and impressive airport, one of the best in the world, and it includes a variety of passenger services, restaurants of various cuisines, and a wide variety of shops.

Gimpo Airport (GMP) is located in the city of Seoul itself, and it operated as Seoul’s airport before the establishment of Incheon. Today, Gimpo Airport serves flights mainly to several nearby destinations in Asia and domestic destinations in South Korea such as Jeju, Busan, and more. Gimpo Airport is located about an hour’s drive from the city center. You can get from Gimpo Airport to Seoul quickly by one of the several trains that reach it and connect it with the city center, by taxi, or by one of the several types of buses that arrive at the complex. Also, the trains arriving at Gimpo allow you to get from Gimpo Airport to Incheon Airport.

flights inside South Korea from Seoul reach several destinations: Busan, Jeju City, Ulsan, Jinju, and more.

The busiest line in the country and among the most active airline lines in the world in terms of passenger traffic is between the island of Jeju and the capital city of Seoul. The most popular destinations for internal flights in South Korea are, among others, the capital Seoul of course, Daegu, and Jeju Island, one of the favorite places for tourists in South Korea.

Busan, Daegu, and Jeju are the most popular destinations for flights within South Korea from Incheon.

We used the Kiwi comparison engine to conduct several price comparisons for flights within South Korea from Seoul (for any time of the year) and found particularly competitive prices:

The lowest price for a flight from Seoul to Busan was obtained from Air Seoul for a one-way flight at the cost of 24.48 Euro (from Gimpo Airport, without baggage) at the end of April.

The lowest price for a flight from Seoul to Jeju City was obtained from Jin Air for a one-way flight at 23.50 Euro (from Gimpo Airport, excluding baggage) at the end of June.

flights within South Korea from Busan

Busan is a large port city, the second largest in South Korea, and one of the most popular trips in the country. It has beaches, fun tourist attractions, parks, and urban landscapes alongside beautiful natural landscapes.

Gimhae Airport (PUS) serves the Busan area and is mainly done by flights from around Asia and national flights in South Korea. It is connected to the city by public transportation and is reached by bus lines, the purple line of the subway, and taxis, of course.

In the port complex, you will find several cafes, car rental companies, banks, a pharmacy, a Korean Air lounge, a convenience store, gift shops, restaurants, and more.

We made a price comparison for flights from Busan to Seoul; we received the lowest price from T’Way air for a one-way flight at the beginning of May at 29.37 Euro (without baggage).

In another price comparison we conducted, this time for flights from Busan to Jeju City, we received the lowest price from the Jin Air company at the cost of 24.48 Euro one way in mid-May (without baggage allowance).

flights inside South Korea from Jeju

The island of Jeju in South Korea is a particularly favorite destination for travelers. The flight line between Seoul and Jeju is the busiest in the world as of 2018 in terms of passenger traffic.

Jeju Airport (CJU) is located in the city of Jeju. You can easily reach various destinations in the city or the area by taxi, limousine bus that stops at different significant goals, and a variety of public buses.

At Jeju Airport, you can find cafes, restaurants, a post office, a pharmacy, an ATM, a convenience store, and an observation post from where you can see the runway and the sea.

Domestic flights in South Korea from Jeju City reach various destinations: Wonju, Gunsan, Seoul, and more.

In a price comparison for internal flights in South Korea from Jeju that we conducted using Kiwi’s price comparison engine, we found several cheap flights:

  • We got the lowest price for a flight from Jeju City to Seoul from T’Way for one way without baggage at the cost of 24.48 Euro at the beginning of May.
  • We got the cheapest flight from Jeju City to Busan from Jeju Air at the end of June at the cost of 26.44 Euro without baggage one way.
  • We got the lowest price for a flight from Jeju City to Daegu from the Tiwai company for one way at the cost of 20.56 Euro at the end of April, without baggage allowance.
  • We got the lowest price for a flight from Jeju City to Tseung Jo from Jin Air for one way at 20.56 Euro in mid-May without baggage allowance.

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