Booking The Cheapest Flights – The Complete Guide

One of the best search engines one can use to book the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world is kiwi. This search engine for flights curates the best, cheapest and fastest flights to any viable country on the planet. It has options for Return trips, One way trips, Multi City trips and a beta Nomad option that curates an itenary for multiple cities for the cheapest price.

Booking flights with Kiwi is made vastly easy by it’s minimalistic design and simple options. All one has to do is select either “Return”, “One-way”, “Multi City” or “Nomad” and then Choose where you’ll be travelling from and then move on to the destination.

Select the Departure and Return dates and hit search. This will give you a list of available flights along with the prices. They will be divided into 3 sections, Recommended, Cheapest and Fastest which you can pick on depending on your criteria. After you’ve selected the flight all that’s left is to fill in all of your details including your passport number and select the travel insurance if you need one. The next tab has the payment option which you can use to pay for the flight ticket. You will then receive a confirmation email stating all the details of the flight and you’re all done after that

The Air Flight Revolution And It’s Effects On Flight Prices

There was a time when travelling by air was an expensive ordeal that was only reserved for the wealthy. This is no longer the case with an ever increase in aircraft efficiencies and the advent of low cost airline companies. Airlines Fares are even cheaper than other means of transportation in some cases nowadays which has enabled everyday citizens to travel by air and save both time and money.

The Low Cost of airlines has revolutionized several industries and helped develop the economies of numerous states and countries. Going on a vacation to a far away country is no longer considered an expensive ordeal since the cost of air flights no longer strains the wallet as much as it did. Allowing tourists to spend that money on purchasing and doing what they want to do.

There is even a growing movement of spontaneous travellers who’ve taken to the air with little regard or thought of where they are going, Choosing to just pick the cheapest flight to wherever they could find and deciding on what to do one step at a time. This is due to a lot of people just being tired of planning their travels to a T and just wanting to be carefree and spontaneous, Surrendering to the moment so to say.

The Different Kinds Of Flights You Can Book

Booking flights is a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let’s do a little explanation of all the different kinds of flights that you’ll encounter when you try to book one.

One-Way Flights: Flights which take you only to the destination are called as one way flights.

Two-Way Flights: Flights which take you to the destination and then back are called as two way flights.

Intercontinental Flights: Flights that take you to other continents are called as intercontinental flight. These are usually much more expensive and take longer times.

Connection Flights: These flights usually connect to other states or countries while enroute to your destination. They are usually cheaper than direct flights when travelling long distance.

Direct Flights: Flights which fly directly to the destination without any stops are called as direct flights. These are usually more expensive when travelling long distance but take lesser time.

The Different Types Of Seats In A Flight

The seats in the flight itself are divided into usually three categories. These seats are classified from the budget friendly seats to the first class seats.

Coach Class:

This class of seats are the most budget friendly seats you’ll find in a flight. They usually provide you with select food and other basic necessities during longer flights and don’t have much leg space or comfier seats.

Business Class:

This class of seats are better than the coach class. You get a little more leg space along with comfier seats and more amenities.

First Class:

These are the top tier seats that you can get in any flight. They come with all the amenities you could need on a flight along with better inhouse entertainment, High grade food and a lot more leg space accompanied by bigger and more comfortable seats.

How To Get The Cheapest Flights To Anywhere In The World

Know your budget airliners: is best for this, Budget airline companies are extremely cheap to travel with. Since they focus on profitability the most in each flight, It may be hard to find direct flights to the places you want to go but do your research and find out if it’s cheaper to travel to nearby cities and if you could take public transportation from there.

Learn to save money: Try to always use public transportation, Cook food at home instead of eating out and not splurge too much in partying. This will help you out whenever you travel abroad.

Use Your Credit Card And Know Your Benefits: Credit card companies offer numerous discounts on booking hotels, airfares etc. It is highly advisable that you look over the benefits that you get with your card and not forget to use all the points that you’ve accumulated over the years. In many cases, you can use the points that you’ve accumulated and pay your airline fares with them.

Be Patient When Trying To Find A Flight: It is usually recommended that you buy plane tickets well in advance, the earlier you buy the cheaper the tickets are guaranteed to be but don’t just jump and buy a ticket. Look at all the options that are available to you including the waiting time, connecting flights and other various factors that may or may not make the cheap price worth the trouble.

Make A Linear Route To Your Destination: Don’t jump around from one flight to another or overcomplicate it. The cheapest flights you can get are usually straightforward. That means choosing a hub destination that has cheap flights like Hong Kong, Istanbul and then going to wherever you want to go from there.

Knowing The Currency: Find out which currency is weaker compared to your home country inorder to have an extremely cheap vacation while not skimping on anything. For example, A vacation in India for anyone in the US or the developing world would be extremely cheap. Exchanging currency when your home countries currency is strongest or when the destination countries currency is cheapest is also a very good idea.

Shop Around For Places To Stay: If hotels seem too expensive for you then check out the local hostels. If the hostels seem too shabby and shady then you can always check out AirBnB. If even that is not an option then couchsurfing will also do. All in all, Do your own research. In some places, Hostels would be the best option while in others hotels would be much better while in still others, AirBnB. It all depends on what you’re looking for and what seems reasonable to you. If you feel like you’ve found a good deal then just look around for another day or two and then book it.

Meeting People: The local population of the country or state you’re visiting are your best friend. They’ll let you know what the cheapest and best restaraunts are. What hotels and hostels are best for longer term staying and all the local attractions and cuisine. Be sure to interact with them and get the most out of your trip.

Country You’re Visiting: Note that if you’re visiting a country that is further away from you then it’s going to be more expensive. The same is the case if you’re going to visit a country that people don’t travel to often. So if you want to book a flight to Luton in UK and you live in a country close by then it’s going to be significantly cheaper because of the distance and that many people travel to Luton and the flights are usually regular. Note that this is not the case all the time.

Things To Pay Attention To When Booking A Flight:

  1. Check out the baggage limit that you can take when booking a flight. It is usually recommended to have a lighter backpack to avoid extra charges.
  2. Make sure that all of your travel documents are in order. Some countries make it harder for you to travel to than others.
  3. Don’t take too long trying to book a flight since prices are always fluctuating and will probably increase.
  4. Make sure to check the liquids that you have in your baggage since large bottles are now allowed and you’ll need to open up your bag in the airport and remove it in order to proceed further.
  5. Check the list of restricted products that other countries have in order to not mistakenly bring something along.
  6. Make sure to put fragile stickers on any of your fragile belongings.
  7. Make sure to pack your baggage well so that it doesn’t move around in transit.
  8. Always check the distance from the airport to the city since it can be pretty far away.
  9. Always try to reach the airport 4 hours before departure.

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